Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Mick so enjoyed his hair cut and kitchenshower last night. Whilst Tracey was cutting his hair he managed to hold his head up a little on his own without me supporting it and had his eyes wide open!; then when Manda and I were washing him he tried really hard to lift his right arm up (and succeeded a little) so that I could wash underneath his armpit. After all that he had a relaxed sleep until almost 9pm and then ate a little chicken broth and banana and chocolate mousse....I always have to make sure I don't leave an S out of mousse in case Mousie reads it and thinks we're going to eat HER!......

He didn't eat much breakfast this morning but has managed to eat almost a whole one of the Cheesy Muffins I made this morning (See Me, My Life, My Garden)......for the last couple of months I've not been able to get him to eat bread without choking so I was really surprised that he managed the muffin!
I had a phone call a little while ago from the speech therapist...those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will no doubt remember my Tongue In Cheek post......(just click on the words tongue in cheek for a reminder) and so will not be surprised when I say I had to stifle my giggles when she was speaking to me. She rang to apologise for not having sent out the typed up Thick and Easy directions that she had promised and was really worried that I'd not been coping without them. I assured her that I had managed quite well (giggle giggle) as her hand written directions had been clear enough for me to follow...(hee hee). Even so she insisted that she would send me a typed copy in the post as it could be of help to the District Nurses when they called in........(HAAA HA....GIGGLE....SNORT.....HEAD FALLING OFF WITH LAUGHTER)..................I just said "thank you" and didn't bother to mention the fact that it's been at least 6 months since a District Nurse even PHONED to see how Mick is. Don't get me wrong....I'm pleased the Speech Therapist phoned..it's nice to see someone doing their job and following up on patients..........it's just the reminder of that visit of hers just make me laugh.
P.S. Anyone interested in knowing what the role of the District Nurse in England is may like to read the piece I copied from a source on the Internet..........click HERE

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Dirty Butter said...

I read the original post, so now I get the joke. Pitiful is all I can say!!

The first thing I had DH go buy after Daddy fell was a can of Thickit. It's a wonderful product for anyone who is prone to choking. It also has kept Daddy feeding himself longer than would otherwise have been possible, particularly soups.

Now, you be sure to follow those directions CAREFULLY!

talj said...

Lovely to hear that Mick enjoyed his haircut :o) And glad he managed some of your lovely looking muffins!!

Now don't get me started on the incompetincies of the NHS and associated services!!!

RUTH said...

Dirty butter; I guess Thickit is similar to our Thick and Easy; as you say it's very handy for soups.
talj; sounds like you have a few NHS stories yourself. Did you know there's a website called NHS Sucks!!

Audrey said...


Its unreal that you havent seen a health visitor nor get any kind of assistance or support in your role caring for Mick , Im shocked to be honest so much money misdirected I feel at times. Mick looks as if he is enjoying his hair cut.

RUTH said...

Believe me Auds it's true; except fot the occasion when a nurse attempted to put one of the spider type dressings on Micks chest (where his right arm is so clenched it had broken the skin so I phoned them and asked if they could suggest anything)I can honestly swear that not one nurse has even touched him since he came out of hospital...even when the finally came to review him to see if he needed a commode etc. Unfortunately all that was too little too late by then! You'd never believe the fight I had to get a bed, wheelchair etc. I was always told "It's not worth it" due to the fact that Mick was only given two months tops; once I was even told "Well he should be dead by now!" Believe me there are ANOTHER million stories to be told if I had the time and energy.
Blimey this comment is practically a post!!!
Night night Auds and don't worry...we REALLY are better off without them.

Elsie said...

I am glad that Mick could eat a muffin. Thanks for letting me know.

Stay well


Ruby in Bury said...

Ms Thick and Easy didn't manage to type the instructions out?

(While you have been writing the equivalent of a book ... and amazingly;-) managing to make the infamous Thick and Easy?)

How will her patients cope if she is going to be so lax? ;-)

Heee heee!

RUTH said...

good point Ruby; maybe I should have told her about my blog........no on second thoughts perhaps not!....LOL