Monday, January 15, 2007


Before you start reading this post ...A WARNING.....if you have small children, pets or fragile ornaments in your hands please find another blog to read...I am a walking disaster area at the moment.
It all started this morning...I didn't wake up until 7 o'clock!...Mick woke just seconds afterwards...the problem with this?......well if I don't make sure I get up before Mick wakes up it means ......I can't go to the toilet or wash until much later as Mick is No 1 priority. Well naturally this morning as I'd slept late I was BUSTING for the loo.(no. I and no. 2).....I won't leave Mick as soon as he wakes up (even for a short while) as I know he must wake up feeling very confused and disorientated....I like to have a 5 minute chat to him...making sure that he is completely at ease with his surroundings and the fact that we are sleeping in our living room. OK it may have only been 5 minutes but it felt like an hour of legs crossed, bum cheeks clenched AGONY as I sat there talking to him!!
While he was having his after breakfast sleep I made an Apple Bakewell Tart; now I'd need all your fingers and toes to count the number of times I've made a Bakewell Tart...never any problems...a fool proof recipe......UNTIL TODAY!! For some reason???????? the tart filling seemed to expand out of all proportion...flow over the top of the baking case and drip down onto the base of the cooker!!!!!!!

WHY!!!!! I've an oven to least favourite job!

To add to that episode I then realised that I hadn't put the clip back on the bag of ground almonds I used....I didn't want to risk the bag falling over in the cupboard and strewing its contents all over the cupboard so I thought I'd better put it back on....I reached into the I did the bag of ground almonds fell out ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR!!!!..............WHY!!!! Now I've got to vacuum the kitchen and add ground almonds to my shopping list!

When Mick woke up again before I got him dressed I thought I'd make him another cup of tea.....a teabag in the cup I got the teabag out of the cup with the teabag squeezer...the teabag took on a life of it's flew out of the squeezer, did 3 somersaults in the air before landing on my nice clean newly washed yesterday white dressing gown!!!!!...........WHY!.....

I started to wonder whether watching that Harry Potter film yesterday had caused the problem......maybe some evil spell had escaped from the TV set..........

Fortunately for Mick I managed to get him up and dressed with no accidents. We went over to the shops and the chemists (his dressings were in) and then had a nice sit in the garden............
Spell broken??????

After lunch I went to the cupboard to get the vacuum out...I still hadn't hoovered the kitchen floor.......the garden umbrella that has been in that cupboard for THREE MONTHS decided it fancied escaping and fell out of the cupboard STRAIGHT ONTO MY FOOT......ouch!!...SPELL NOT BROKEN!!!

I finally got around to opening the mornings post. There was a letter from Anglia Water threatening all sorts of nasty things as I had not kept up my instalments. But I have.....I checked my bank statement....I pay online. It all looked OK...I'd even been paying a week before I needed too! I rang them......naturally it was one of those "push this button and get put on hold forever" I waited and waited the thoughts kept going round my head.....If Anglian Water haven't received those payments but they have gone out of my bank...where are they??...have they gone to a wrong account???....will I be able to get the money back??? will I pay Anglia Water???...what if they disconnect us?????................I was getting more and more het up the longer I waited.............FINALLY.....a woman came on the phone......."Anglian Water DEBT can I help you"....I went through the story......"Oh yes" she said "We have been having problems with accounts that pay on line. It's our error...just ignore the letter"..............Well thanks very much...I've just wasted half an hour of precious time.....sent my blood pressure rocketing and gained a few more grey hairs and worry lines!!!

I must point out that it is not "that time of the month"...(yes ladies 54 and STILL having them) and I do not (as far as I know) have any other curse put upon me.....CAN IT BE TOMORROW SOON??? I've had enough of today.
At least I can console myself with the Gardening Catalogue that came in the post

Even this photo's come out blurred!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow...I HOPE!!!

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Jenny said...

Oh dear, Ruth, I do hope tomorrow is better than today! Congratulations for starting your "photo a day site"- most of my visitors go to mine, not my "Tri-Diary" site so I do appreciate your encouragement in that department!

crpitt said...

Oh dear ruth you are having a unlucky/cursed day! will try and look for something to break the curse!

Audrey said...

Another oh dear Ruth, one of those days....I can relate to those hold on forever calls...never know whether to hang up and try again later, but always end up hanging on in there...........Thank god for the Tena ladies lol

See you tomorrow.......oh yes, wishing you a relaxed and happy one too

RUTH said...

Thanks all.....and thanks for sharing it all

Dirty Butter said...

My, my, my,my! I hope today is better for than yesterday was! I know your time is limited, but I'd love for you to enter a post on our BOG VILLAGE Family Blog.

all the blogs that link to you are eligible to enter, too!

RUTH said...

Hi dirty butter I will be sending an entry to Blog Village soon.
Thanks for the visit

Dirty Butter said...

I've just been reading your newest post and scrolled back down to do a little re-reading. I don't know how I missed this before, but you make Bakewell Tart!!

In 2005 I made an online search, with the help of some Brit Blog friends, to find what my Mama's Kentish Tart recipe was. Turned out to be Bakewell Tart!!

I'd love to have your recipe. Could you email it to me?

Such memories this brings back.

Dirty Butter said...

I made a post on our Yesterday's Memories blog about your Bakewell Tart and Mama's Kentish Tart. I thought you might like to read it, and the old posts mentioned in it.

If you hadn't had a bad day, I would never have read about your Tart!!

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28