Sunday, January 14, 2007


After all the grey skies and strong winds of the last few days this morning we awoke to beautiful clear blue skies.

It was much cooler though than as of late but undeterred Mick and I went into the garden. The slight breeze made it seem really cold so I was glad I'd put Mick's long johns on under his trousers and put his really thick anorak on him. It's impossible to put his arms through the sleeves of his coats but I wrap it round him and zip it up and his hands stay nice and warm too.

We both had on our "wouldn't be seen dead in" hats on too...the ones that we would never allow ourselves to be seen in by the outside world.

Over the course of the last few months I've been emptying lots of the garden pots that only contained annuals. These had just been left where I dumped them so I collected them up' gave them a good brush down and stacked them tidily....all ready for the Spring. Mick was watching me as I pottered about; dozing off every now and then. It's such a shame our garden is so shady in the would have been nice if just a few rays of the glorious sunshine could have fallen on his face.
By the time we got back indoors and I got Mick back onto his bed it was mid afternoon and so while he was sleeping I got on with the Lancashire Hot Pot I was making for our dinner tonight. It wasn't an absolutely traditional Hotpot as I had no kidneys or oysters....I replaced them with mushrooms and was more a Suffolk-meets-Lancs Hotpot but I'm sure it will be tasty!
I'd started watching the Harry Potter film that was on TV last night but had video taped the I snuggled up with Mick and watched the rest of that...I like to watch nice family film on a Sunday afternoon. It was the Prisoner Of Azkaban one and I hadn't actually read the book of it yet so didn't know the story. When that was finished I checked our Lottery numbers on Teletext...not one number so we didn't win pots of money there! I saw that there was some Snooker on so I put that on for Mick to listen to; he likes snooker and would often, in the past, pot a few balls with his mates down the pub.
Well it's nearly dinner time now...the Hotpot is smelling lovely and I can see Mick's nose twitching so I'd better go and dish up. I'm really hungry (all that fresh air earlier has given me an appetite) so I may be dishing myself up an extra large portion....I'm not worrying about figure went to pot a long time ago!!!!!!!!!!

Click on the picture for a traditional Lancashire Hotpot Recipe

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Analia said...

and just in case you are short of pots, I send you both a big one full of hugs and kisses. That looks delicious!!! i'll check the recipe right now :)

crpitt said...

I love lancashire hotpot!!!!!!!!!!! yummy! my my what a lot of pots! did you have a lot of pots and pans to clean up?

RUTH said...

Thanks for the hugs and kisses Analia...naturally I let Mick have his fair share of them.
Claire....thank goodness I have a dishwasher!!!!...I'd always thought I wouldn't need one but someone had an old one going spare so we thought we'd have it....wouldn't be without it now!!

Jenny said...

I printed out the recipe - but I 'm not sure what our local grocer will say if I ask for mutton and kidneys, though I think I could probably find some oysters!! It's hard to imagine how mushrooms and prunes could substitute - how did it taste? Of coruse I don't know how it's SUPPOSED to taste, so it probably doesn't matter! I just like to try new recipes!

Audrey said...

Awww Ruth I love the hats, have printed out the recipe too, looks delicious, will definitely try this one love pottering around your blog page.......sorry couldnt resist the pun x x x

RUTH said...

Jenny...first time I'd uses prunes with lamb...often put them with pork...and it worked well...a nice rich sauce.
Auds..the hats will be speeding to you by first class email...Sure Alan will love wearing his!!! LOL