Friday, January 05, 2007


It's been a bit of a whirlwind afternoon/evening. First there was my hair colour to do (can't believe I've publicly admitted to the world that I COLOUR my hair!)....mind you think of all those actresses and models on the adverts...they admit it too.....then again they get PAID to admit it! Now I'm sure I've seen some Google gadget donation box somewhere????????? LOL
While that was ..........was..........WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT TIME WHILE THE HAIR COLOUR IS ON?.....THERE MUST BE A WORD.............let me think...a word for the time spent waiting....................."TIME AND A WORD"..............where have I heard that before????????
No matter, I must continue.........while I was waiting for the 30 minutes to pass Manda sat with Mick while I finally got the upstairs vacuumed before Lynn's visit. By the time I'd done that, had the colourant rinsed off and blow was dinner time. Manda stayed for a while and started to help Mick with his when it suddenly became obvious that something was brewing in the bowels department. Dinner had to go on hold and then a long tortuous (for Mick) two hours later the deed was done.............I shall spare you the details. After all that effort I thought Mick would go straight to sleep but he managed to eat his somewhat belated dinner quite easily and kept his eyes open all the time the new Carol Klein Gardening Programme was if he needs tips on vegetable growing!!!! By the time I'd tidied the kitchen; answered some emails; had a blogsurf; read a few comments; left a few comments; wrote my post for Me, My Life for tomorrow (published early as Lynn is here tomorrow and so won't be on the computer much) I am 11pm and still not had time to take a photo of myself with my new hair colour. Sorry folks...........guess you're going to have to wait for that one!

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n.b. It has come to the attention of the blogauthor that the phrase "TIME AND A WORD" is governed by the laws of Blogworld.......Volume 11 chapter 6.............and is protected by blog-copyright. This blogauthor apologises for any plagiarism that may have been incurred in the using of this phrase.

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crpitt said...

keeping everyone in suspense with this hair, did you leave it on to long?

Analia said...

Aha!! maybe crpitt is right... maybe now you are BOLD instead of BLOND!! What a mistery uh? LOL Well....due time for the picture:TOMOROW LOL
Sleep tight...I guess you are by now 'cause it's midnight here, so there must be around 2 or 3 am there.
Till tomorrow...xoxoxo

Mile Stones said...

Blog Author also retains the right to waive any copyright, with explicit authorisation. I do so authorise...A-timing & a-wording you go girl, to your heart's content.
Who's Carole Klein? Calvin's mum?
I hope Mick's bowel move wasn't any implicit comment on seeing Debbie Harry emerge before his eyes.....has he conveyed any message, approval rating?
Ruth, is it possible to send this APP song to me in a mail, please? I don't want to lose it when you change the soundtrack.
I just briefly reiterate what I've just written to Audrey. It is wrong, to use her blog in the way I have done over the past couple fo days. I've explained that, and that is stopping, as of now. Gotta move on, but everything I wrote her applies to her & analia's also. It'll settle. So, Go Lions, Go Spurs!
Go Stewie!!!!!!!! I start packing NOW!
Have a great weekend, kisses and warmth.

Mile Stones said...

PS -damned keyboard/brain: above, should read "applies to yours & Analia's too", of course.

Audrey said...

ah ha was Mick watching Carol Klein or quietly snatching glimpses the beautiful honey blonde woman right there in his presence.......Are you pleased with the results....its good that you got some me time..... rest well x