Monday, January 08, 2007


That dream still keeps going round in my head; I can remember it so clearly despite it being a few nights ago. I have done a bit of Google searching, Manda has looked in a book that she had at home and between us we have found the meaning of most of the pertinent points. We couldn't find any specific reference to buttons; though I see Analia had managed to fine some; Thanks Analia! please take her comments into consideration should you decide to read the post I've done about my dream. I've typed it and the meanings on my Read Me blog that I use for bits and pieces that may not be of interest to everybody. So if you fancy a look; click on the cloud;
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Analia said...

Dear Ruth, I've read your dream and of course I can't get a clue about the meaning, have you?
It was very interesting though...I wish dreams were easier to interpret.
I go back to bed now, i got the flu or something like that... fever and company. Kisses, Ani