Saturday, January 06, 2007


For all my non gardening/ non British TV watching visitors...This is Carol Klein who I made mention of yesterday....a female gardening presenter who is not afraid to get dirt beneath her nails. See BBC Gardening for more information.

All is well here;
Mick and I really enjoyed Lynn's Beef and Guinness stew washed down with a glass or two of Wolf Blass ( no Devil's Pigeonhole at the moment).
The weather??............grey, wet, totally yukky!!!
My heart???....full of laughter and sunshine.
I do not have time for a proper post today so will catch up with you all tomorrow. May even get that photo of my new hair colour!!!
Now is that a THREAT or a PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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crpitt said...

For a moment i thought you had a professional photo done with new hair colour! but no its her off telly! crafty!
Loving the laughter and sunshine, i think some of it filters through the web to me when i read your posts!

Analia said...

It's great to know you had a wonderful day, and of course the grey and the wet can be forgotten when you have much laughter in your heart. Love, Ani

(ps: I stole one of your pics LOL, but it was for a good cause I swear!)


Audrey said...

It would be wonderful if she suddenly appeared in my garden fully secateurs in

Two beautiful honey blondes in front of Micks eyes then......x

Now that

As for the laughter and sunshine Yes!!! its travelled far.... made its way up to Aberdeen...its almost like a spring day up here

x Auds