Wednesday, January 31, 2007


dawn 31st Jan 07I took this photo when I got up this morning. One benefit of being an early riser is that I get to see sights like this......this will be going on my OUR SKY blog at some point...when I catch up with it...still on September 2006 at the moment!
Mick did really well again with his dinner last night and his bowel movements are fairly regular at the moment. I was pleased to see that sitting in his wheelchair on our trip out yesterday hasn't has any detrimental effect on his bum. It's been a beautiful sunny morning though very chilly; I decided to sit Mick out in his armchair as the sun was shining in on that part of the room. My sunshine boyI'm so glad I bought this chair; it was worth every penny......some things are worth so much more than monetary value.
I can't believe it's February tomorrow; Valentine's Day soon.......I've ordered Mick some more t-shirts as a present. They were in the Sale on one of the on-line catalogues. As I have to cut them down the sleeve and underarm so that I can get them on him it's good if I can find a bargain. One of them is a really bright ORANGE........guess that's why it was on won't matter too much though when we are sitting in the garden in the summer (fingers crossed) and when I think about's the same colour as one of our lily varieties so Mick won't mind too much!!!!

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talj said...

I bet Mick will love them! I hope you get a picture of him in the bright orange one! :o) I am glad that Mick is managing his food and things well at the moment, that must be a real comfort to you :o) Lovely photos today too :o)

crpitt said...

God that chair looks comfortable!
The mission i was talking about was trying to find out more info about the painting you mentioned!
I have spent hours and hours looking but not come up with much!
You need the full address to look up previous owners on the land registry office.
Then went on the National Archives website, from there got to Suffolk Record Office, this looks good to find out info, if you have time to go down yourself? or pay a fee for them to find out some info?
Suffolk Record Office
Also thought if you could plan a trip to bures for fact finding mission? or search for bloggers from Bures and put them on the trail?
Also how about getting local papers involved?
Sorry i couldn't be more help!

CG said...

Ruth, I found your blog via Talj's PAD blog. The "Portrait of a Friend" words meant a lot to me today.

I hope Mick enjoyed the sunshine in his comfy chair.

Skittles said...

Ohhh.. I bet the sunshine felt so good, too!

RUTH said...

I hope that all of you who look in this comment box will read what Claire (crpitt) has written. What a very special young lady she go to so much trouble and spend so much of her valuable time to try and make some headway on my mission to track down the painting of Mick. I shall be visiting her blog and adding my thanks to her there.....what a wonderful person to have as a Blogfriend.

RUTH said...

CG; I have visited your blog and left a message for you. ((hug))
talj; there will definitely be photos!!
skittles; yes the sunshine was lovely, it felt very warm indoors though very cold outside.

Audrey said...

Ruth Mick looks so comfortable in that sunshine and chair,and Im sure Mick will look good in the orange t.shirt its an invigourating colour...Can I also add the same sentiments I shared your thoughts as I read Claires post..A special young lady indeed.

Gene Bach said...

Hey there. Dropped by from Claire's blog. What's the story on the painting? I'll try and go back through your posts and check it out. I do hope you find what you're looking for.

I added a link to your blog on mine and I'll keep checking in. Take care.


crpitt said...

Hey quit spreading these vile rumors that i am nice!lol!
It was a pleasure to help even in a small way, i am ready to fire up the internet anytime more info heads your way!

Claire xxxxx

Sheila said...

There's nothing nicer than a snooze in a comfy chair, all the better if it's in the sun. I'm sure Mick enjoyed it.
You are a very special couple, and an example to us all. I don't want that to sound condescending, I just don't know how else to say I admire your strength. I'll go now before my foot gets permanently wedged in my mouth..xx

RUTH said...

Gene; thanks for dropping by. You'll find the post re the painting if you click the link in my side bar under "A Plea From Me To You"
Claire; Just remember when I get to be your "whatever number" hundreth visitor that I like a nice bottle of red wine!....LOL

RUTH said...

Sheila; I think your comment is lovely so please take your foot out of your mouth you'll do yourself an injury!!....LOL