Sunday, January 28, 2007


Now I'm not one for boasting but one of the pressure areas on Mick's peach-like bum is healing really well. I had a horrible feeling that because he was constantly lying/sitting that I wouldn't be able to keep it under control but this morning one area has actually HEALED OVER!!!! He has got the sexiest of bums and I'd love to show you a photo but as he's ALL MINE; I'm sorry girls you'll have to use your imagination.
We haven't had any "sleepover" visitors this weekend but Manda & co popped in (it being Nicole's Birthday) and we all had some of the muffins I'd made (on both these subjects see Me, My Life, My Garden) and Sue (bless her) popped in with some milk I needed.
As I'd cooked Roast beef during the week we had fish for our Sunday dinner today. I must admit it was one of the frozen boil in the bag ones but the butter sauce that it's in is delicious and (touch wood) I've never found a single bone in it.....pieces of bone are something I really worry about Mick choking on...and my mincers aren't what they used to be when I'm checking for them myself. Mick ate every scrap and all of his banana and chocolate Complan mousse so I'm well chuffed.
Tomorrow Tracey, our home visit hairdresser, comes and then after that Manda and I will give Mick his kitchenshower. Like me Mick loves having his hair "fiddled" with so I know he'll enjoy that. I can't believe how quickly time seems to have passed since our last haircuts....I always phone Tracey to let her know all is ok and that we are BOTH needing our astounds her as well as the rest of us that she is still coming to see us BOTH.
Yup! all in all I'm feeling pretty good tonight...sorry if it sounds like I'm blowing my own trumpet but how else could I use this cute little gif I found!

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Mousie said...

you selfish girl!!!thought friends could share
taht's great news...mick must feel better.
love to both of you

Audrey said...

Oh blow away Ruth, blow away,lol

This was such an uplifting post to read and that mousse sounds delicious by the way...So pleased about Micks pressure sore and that his sexy butt is restored to its former glory....WELL DONE!!!!

Icarus said...

Hi Satchmette!

It's ga-ga-good news, the bum, but personally, I'm glad you desisted from sharing it graphically, no offence intended. Freezing, tired and hungry now, so that's all. And now to see if my new profile photo appears. Some places it has, others zero Very best thoughts, but my hands are too coldXXXXXXXXXXXX ............»

RUTH said...

Icarus; a nice drink of hot chocolate and a pair of fingerless (so you can type) gloves coming your way

Dirty Butter said...

Having battled pressure sores, I know just how hard they are to overcome. Fantastic News!! If one has healed then maybe the other one will, too!!

You have every right to be pleased with yourself, as you are the only reason Mick is getting such wonderful care!!

I agree wholeheartedly -- TOOT that HORN!!!!!

Sheila said...

Hooray for Mick's bum, and your tender mercies in tending the afflicted area..!
Ruth I don't know if I'm the only one with this problem, but when I go to your photo blog, I cannot always see the quotation below the photo..?

RUTH said...

Sheila; so sorry you don't always see the quote. I know lately blogger has sometimes been replacing photos with the red cross box but haven't heard of any problems re: text not showing up. Is anyone else having this problem???

talj said...

Dear Ruth, So glad I some how stumbled to this blog today! And great to hear good news on Micks pressure sore! I will be sure to check in each day and see how you are all doing. Should you ever need me all you need to do is shout :o)

RUTH said...

talj; thanks and nice to have a new blog friend.
mousie; making some more tomorrow with the left over mixture, scurry over and have some.