Friday, January 26, 2007


I had been expecting a BROWN day all week and thanks to Mick's achievements of this's the day...............regular visitors will know what I mean when I say the "Log of Logs" has been updated...............Of course I took photos.....those of you with a delicate stomach please look away

Loadsa Logs

lol Calm down, calm wasn't THAT funny!

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Audrey said...

Lol Ruth

It took a while for your picture to load on my comp. So I sat here with bated breathe wondering????????????lol


crpitt said...

It was that funny!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!

Analia said...

Not fair!!! I couldn't understand the joke :( unless you were talking about what we call "caca" which might look like a log..but then... ok, yes yes I missed this one but I'll laugh anyway so nobody finds out LOL lOL!!! so funny LOL
Kisses and hugs

RUTH said...

Auds; I wish I could have made that happen purposely!
Analia; You are absolutely you did get the joke after all
Claire; I can still hear you laughing!

crpitt said...

I still am!!!