Thursday, January 04, 2007


Mick has slept ALL DAY. I managed to get his Dexamethasone and a few sips of tea down him this morning but that's all. Although in my heart it's worrying that he has not properly roused, in my head I know that it's good that he is catching up on his ZZZZZZZZZeds. One thing that I had forgotten to mention was that the surgery DID renew Mick's prescription within the allotted 3 days (Manda picked it up yesterday afternoon) so that's one worry out of the way. I have put a patch back on him; now that the tickly cough seems to have stopped I don't want him getting that mucus build up cough again...I can always take it off again if needs be.

Mick's boxes of incontinence pads turned up today. Has it really been 6 weeks since the last delivery? How time flies!
I managed to catch up with all the washing today and the bedroom's all ready (bar vacuuming...will leave that till Manda's here..I'm sure I've said before that I don't like vacuuming upstairs as it means I can't HEAR Mick if he rouses) for when Lynn comes on Saturday. She text earlier (or should that be TEXTED...I think I heard there is some debate about what the proper past tense term is) to say that she is bringing one of her fabulous Beef & Guinness stews with her; so I'll have a "no cook day" on Saturday. Leanne & co are coming for the day too but not sleeping over so only one bedroom to worry about. I'm glad to say that she was quite happy with the photo I put on Me. My Life on her birthday. She even left a comment herself which was nice and was really happy to see the birthday wishes she got from some of my blogvisitors. I managed to get an online Tesco order delivery for tomorrow which includes some fruit so I will be able to get started on The Great Pip Challenge; it'll be nice to get my hands in some compost again.

I'm not sure at the moment what to do about Mick and dinner tonight. He is sleeping so peacefully that I have a feeling he won't be stirring today at all! I have plenty of soups and eggs so I'm sure I can rustle up a "fast food" if he does wake up and is hungry. My priority is to get liquids down him though; his pad was totally dry when I changed it this morning...(he even slept through all that rocking and rolling!) I keep trying him with a you know sometimes he can seem asleep but in fact is awake enough to eat and drink....but no luck since this morning.

O magic sleep! O comfortable bird,

That broodest o'er the troubled sea of the mind

Till it is hush'd and smooth

O unconfined Restraint! imprisoned liberty!

Great key To golden palaces.

-John Keats-

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