Thursday, January 04, 2007


How PROUD I am of my darling. If you've read my previous post you will know that I had been debating "will Mick wake up for some dinner" and "if so what shall I give him for dinner". Well I had another of my carnivore moments and really fancied some steak. I had some in the freezer (a quick defrost in the microwave...not something I normally do but what the heck!), some bubble and squeak I'd frozen (can be cooked from frozen) and some mushrooms and cherry tomatoes (something fresh!). Now as any true carnivore knows there are two smells that can wet any appetite.........bacon frying or a steak grilling! As that steak went under the grill and the fat started to sizzle.........ooops! sorry vegetarians/vegans please skip this..............Mick's nose twitched and he started to wake up. What a feast we shared...very reminiscent of our first date...........another Mick and Ruth story coming up!!!!!!!!!!!.....................:
When Mick and I first met he was living on his own and I was in a somewhat volatile and violent relationship...........thus our initial courting was somewhat of a secret. Our first "date" Mick took me out for a meal at a local pub. I, in "a take me as you find me or not at all" frame of mind ordered steak and rare as "watch the calories" for me..... Mick would have to accept that. Anyway, Mick ordered the same. Mmmm promising I thought..a man who's not afraid of good red meat and cholesterol....better and better. However, when the meal turned up Mick looked at it, poked at it with his fork and said "I don't think I can eat this!". Oh my breaking heart...dreams shattered...this sexy, gorgeous, sensitive man taking me out to dinner and he CAN'T stomach STEAK AND CHIPS!!!!! Then, thankfully, the explanation came. As Mick and I were keeping our relationship secret and so no-one knew he was taking me out to dinner; his employee's wife had made him dinner (Mick running a painting and decorating firm he always dropped his employee/partner off to his home); the dinner....steak and kidney pudding!!!.....well Mick couldn't very well refuse and "let on" about our secret tryst OR "throw the kind woman's gesture " back in her he ate the dinner AND the dessert!!!! Naturally enough; following that meal up with Steak and Chips...............impossible! Luckily...and to Mick's delight (yes honestly!...he said "I love watching you eat!")....I came to the rescue and ate BOTH our meals!!!!! Well couldn't upset the chef could I???
So, getting back to tonight, although Mick didn't eat my whole meal; he did share it and managed one of my "prune, prune juice, Actimel drink (good for the digestion) and 'thick and easy'" smoothies for dessert.
So now you understand the "PRIDE" bit of this post title and the "LIONS" part???; well son-in-law Chris would understand it; Mick's brother Ron would understand it; my dear blogfriend MileStones, a now honorary "as long as they ain't playing Spurs" Millwall supporter will understand it. Do a little Google search with those clues and so will you!!!

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crpitt said...

Doesn't that prove we are meant to eat meat! sorry to veggies, but come on!
ps. love the little story within story.

Mile Stones said...

1) No google search needed by me! Another great, fingerlickin' good 3-course story. You have a real gift, Ruth, you raconteuse!

2)I am now envoeloped by the AP Proj song, coming onto its 4th play. Oh, yes, I like that! And I loved the text. You know the side-bar bit about the Fool on The Hill? Did I tell you that when I'd been in this place a month or two I started writing kind of diary that's in a windows folder titled Notes of a Fool on a Hill?
Last week, the only other human being qwith a brain tht I can find in this hill, my dear friend, Crisitna the psychologist and noivelist, looked me straight in the eye and said: "Stewart, I call you the trulip in the desert....Get away from here, back to Lisbon. Be free of this, I'll come and visit and you can cook me curry...", Very serious, very funny. Even though it felt being likened to a tulip, I knew exactly what she wanted to say. It is the way it is. And as she was born here, but belongs as little as I do, I have to accept that she knows what she's talking about. My reply? "It takes one tulip to know another!".
Have a peaceful,restful night (double steak & chips? Wow, impressed!) xxxxxxx

Audrey said...

Who can fail to see why Mick fell and stays in love with you Ruth a wonderful story...its the way you tell em!!! lol

Enjoy the rest of your evening together xx

RUTH said...

MS why do you think the text says Fool On The Hill!! I have the copy you sent me of that diary safely tucked away in MY windows folder too.One day I shall expect you to finish it; there's plenty of room left in my MileStones folder for it!

Allotment Lady said...

Great post - I am going to catch up with the others