Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well all the visitors have been and gone now so the house seems very quiet. Poor Leanne and co got delayed Friday night; the bus into Colchester took them 35 minutes which meant they missed their connection. There was another bus due which although "going round the houses" would get them here by 7; the bus driver was a "knight in shining armour" as when they got to the roundabout he asked which direction they would be walking in; when Leanne told them he said"Hop back on; the bus is empty I'll detour and drop you off "; so they were saved from having a long, cold walk and arrived just as dinner was being dished up! Nicole came round for dinner too; it gave her a chance to catch up with her cousins AND have one of Nanny's roast dinners. The grandchildren are growing up so's quite scary really. Phil (15) now towers above me (and I'm 5foot 8inches) and his voice is so deep now; I sometimes wonder if Mick thinks there's another man in the house. Melissa (6) is becoming more and more like her older sister every day and Kirsty!!!!......................well this is Kirsty
she is 12....yes that's right...only I said....they grow up sooooo quickly.
Lynn arrived Sunday morning so there was a chance for her and Leanne to catch up on some gossip before Leanne had to dash off back home as Mel had yet another birthday party to go to (I think she has one to go to almost every week!). Poor Steve was back in Surrey repairing the fence panels that got snapped in the high winds and trying to sort out what to do about their roof; some tiles had blown off and smashed through their garage roof!
Lynn had brought the dressed crabs with her (along with countless scrummy yoghurt desserts for Mick); it was funny really as they were CROMER crabs; so they had travelled from Cromer (Norfolk) to Surrey and then back here to Suffolk. They were delicious
as you can see by the empty shells; Mick really enjoyed it and the prawns (I'd made a cocktail sauce and pureed them for Mick so it was like a seafood mousse) was nice to see him enjoying some savoury food..........and he also enjoyed the trifle we had for dessert.

This morning it was beautifully sunny so Lynn and I wrapped Mick up warm and we went for a nice stroll down to the Drift. It was nice to get some fresh air; I think that Winter "proper" has got to get here soon so I really think we will have to make the most of getting outside when we can.
The weather has stayed sunny all afternoon but there's definitely a chill in the air. Thank goodness the central heating is working!!!
Mick's fast asleep now so I'm off to do a quick Blogaround before I start cooking dinner.

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Ruby in Bury said...

Hello Kirsty, nice to see you :-)

I've never had a Cromer crab. They sell crabs on Bury market - perhaps I'll go and investigate next time I'm there!

Gledwood said...

I remember Cromer crabs from my Norfolk daze...

Lived over a fishmongers at one point... can you imagine that..?...

Shared phone line: used to get little old ladies calling up for their Cromer crabs on the bank holidays!!!