Thursday, January 18, 2007


Last night after Mick had finished dinner and Manda and I had settled him for the evening I had a BATH!.....sure I know you probably have baths once a week...maybe once a day...or maybe you have what's so special about this? Ruth telling us that she never bathes...does that explain the strange odour every time we visit her blog????
Let me explain....of course I do wash, have the odd shower and have the odd bath but I don't get a chance to languish in warm, bubble filled water...if I have a shower it has to be a quick in and standing enjoying the gentle feeling of water sliding down my body...when I'm in the shower the sound of the water means I can't hear Mick even with the intercom turned up at full blast. Aha you say .....but a bath doesn't make as much noise...that's true enough...but I can't actually lie their in the warm water can I?... unless I'm sure someone is keeping an eye on Mick. Ok so we DO have regular visitors...but I hate to give them the total responsibility of watching Mick ....suppose he starts could take me a couple of minutes to race from the bath and get downstairs "naked!" long baths are something of a rarity in my life at the moment. Last night though, as Mick had had a nice peaceful non-choking day I thought I'd treat myself. I know Manda is more than capable of dealing with any problem that might suddenly arise and knew Mick was in the safest of hands.
I did enjoy that bath.....I had a good scrub and then laid back, closed my eyes and thoroughly enjoyed those few minutes of respite. However, I think the powers that be decreed that I had languished quite long enough as all of a sudden the corner unit that wedges between the bath and ceiling suddenly fell down.......a sure sign it was time to get out!!!
Now I know you can't wait to see the little video that Manda secretly took so here it is;

Ruth in the bath P.S. Another confession...actually I feel quite guilty having a bath as I know my poor darling CAN'T have one.

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Audrey said...


Could that be the can can your performing for us in the

Enjoy without guilt you hear!!! YOU DESERVE IT....As for the corner unit I take it you escaped without hope so.

Allotment Lady said...

What a wonderful story and you deserved every minute of languishing in the bath.

Don't feel guilty and do try to do it often. You will feel so much better afterwards.

Ruby in Bury said...

Hi Ruth, Don't worry about strange odours around your blog, I can't smell them for the scent of the flowers from all your lovely garden pics ;-) :-D

The way you look after Mick, he must feel so loved, and that after all is better than hundreds of baths :-) Enjoy your lounging in the tub when you get the chance. (But beware of bathroom units that want to jump in with you and wear a tin helmet next time.)


RUTH said...

Just gonna pop on Ebay and see if I can find a tin plate shower cap..LOL

Dorky Dad said...

Did you light candles all around the tub? Every image of bubble baths on television or in the movies I’ve ever seen involves large numbers of candles. Who has the time to light all those candles?

Dirty Butter said...

I feel for you not feeling safe to leave him for a moment. My Daddy was so independent before he fell in November, that he will try to get out of his chair and use the walker without saying anything. He's just not strong enough for us to trust him to walk through the house without one of us with him. So, I am doing just what you're doing. Sponging, showering, and bathing like it is a race. Not at all relaxing.

On Sunday mornings, we pay someone we trust completely to stay with him, so I can go to church. That means I can take a shower in my own bath for as long as I like.


The LAST thing you need to do is to feel guilty about enjoying your bath! You know Mike would want you to get that rest and relaxation.