Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I couldn't believe it when (after titling my yesterday's post Blue Monday) I heard last night on the news that yesterday was in fact BLUE MONDAY.

Psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University has christened January 22 'Blue Monday', when post-Christmas fatigue kicks in, resolutions fall by the wayside and spring seems ages away.
What's more, the academic says the feeling will last all week as the lethal combination of miserable weather and astronomical credit card bills affects even the super-happy among us.
Dr Arnall has even come up with a formula - 1/8W+(D-d)3/8xTQMxNA.
It factors in the dreariness of the (W)eather, the arrival of Christmas bills or (D)ebt, minus monthly salary (d), (T)ime elapsed since Christmas and the failure to keep a New Year's resolution or to (Q)uit a bad habit, low (M)otivational levels and the need to take action (NA).

Jon Harry, Wales on Sunday

Well I'm pleased that's over and today I'm in the "pink"....actually I think that should be "orange" as I'm pleased to say the Marmalade Cake went down very well.

Ron and Brenda arrived just before lunch and it was nice to catch up with a bit of family gossip and to hear about Sarah's (their daughter) plans for her forthcoming wedding later this year. I put Ron to good use; one of the radiators in the front room badly needing bleeding and though I can do the job myself I remembered what happened last time I did it......the thread is very worn; the nut fell out and I had water pouring out while I tried to get it back in..... and let Ron take the chance;

and not a "brickies bum" in sight!

So far I seem to be keeping Mick's pressure areas under control; at least they're not worse which is about the best I can hope for.

We are all tucked up warm and cosy..............heard on the radio some areas have no gas!......the front doors locked and all is peaceful. Manda isn't coming round tonight......she popped in on her way home from work and really is quite poorly.......a stinker of a cold and feeling very achy...........it wouldn't surprise me if she is off work tomorrow...........she is inclined to just plod on regardless (can't think where she gets that from...LOL) but I think this time even she may have to give in.

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Mile Stones said...

Hey Lady Marmalade!

Wow, I was really struck with the memory of bleeding radiators (LOL)! It's been so many years away that I'd forgotten all about that. Tonight, it's cold here again. I know it's relative, but for here there have been some really cold snaps. But it's warm and cosy enough in here too. And I bought another brick of Spainsh choc. cake today, because it is incredibly cheap and incredibly good. That's for much later.
Right now, it's eye-rescue time.
But can i also ask you to check Time & a Word and see if it opens, can you see the pics and here the Gabriel. To me, there's something wrong with it.
Orange Tuesday sounds like something they celebrate in West Belfast. I'm bidding for Saffron and Apple-Green Wednesday, personally.
Night-night & stay warm & cosy!

Mile Stones said...

There's also something wrong with my typing, looks like dyslexia. Spainsh? Here the Gabriel?

Audrey said...

Hi Ruth,

Phew!!!hought for a minute there you were going to do a Jordan on us by going pink, orange sounds wonderful especially when its cake or somthing else edible, terrys chocolate orange for one, hmmmmmmmmm

The cake looks delicious, saved the recipe for a later date.. So now we can celebrate having a Blue day every year can we, lol Along with the duvet day and all others I may just get the six months of the year off

Had the same problem with radiators, can fix most things but experience has taught me to steer clear in this area.

Hope Manda isnt feeling too grotty there are so many viruses hanging around at this time of year.

You sound all warm and cosy there, lots of love to you all and sweet dreams

Gledwood said...

Marmelade Cake sounds LUUURVELY...

I answered your "tag" questionnaire btw...


Mousie said...

give a kiss to Manda and a pot of my herbal tea...and keep me a slice of cake...
love to all