Monday, January 01, 2007


Well I hope you've all come through into the New Year unscathed and took heed of my cautionary post of New Year's Eve; if not then grab the paracetamol and read on. This actually isn't the post I had intended today (disregarding my little Happy New Year message) but as Mick and I had such a pleasant "seeing in of the New Year" I shall leave my intended post until tomorrow. I really enjoyed our evening; as I too had been guilty of overstocking with food we had a cheese and wine party with Manda & co as our guests. I don't know if it was the cheese & grapes, the sip of mulled wine or the THREE helpings of chocolate trifle (Nicole made this) that Mick had that caused the effect but Mick stayed awake until after 3am!!!! He was so awake and alert it was incredible!!!. Mick and I have always tried to look at the new year as a positive step; of course we always toast absent friends and loved ones but try not to dwell on all the NEGATIVE things that have happened in the past year but rather focus on all the POSITIVE things that are in our lives. I know some people feel that a new year is a time to reflect and look backwards but that is not our way; I am pleased about this, there is too much doom and gloom in this world at the present time. I know in my heart that barring a miracle by this time next year I will be a widow; but the important thing is I AM NOT at the present time. Besides the same thought crossed my mind LAST year yet here Mick and I are today content in our love. So this morning (after only 4 hours sleep) I awoke with a spring in my step and took down the Christmas decorations with positive thoughts in my mind. Under usual circumstances I would leave them up until 12th night; but I felt that although I had been happy for Mick to see the decorations during the build up to Christmas I didn't want him seeing them after the new year and; due to his lack of short term memory; feeling that he has missed Christmas. I hope that makes sense to you; it does to me and that's what is important. The living-cum-bed room looks clean and sparkling; the sun is streaming in the newly cleaned windows; the snowdrops are starting to peek through in the garden and all is well.

A shot of the spectacular London Firework display that we saw on the TV last night

Our FIRST FOOTER was Rocky;

we opened the front door just after midnight to greet the New Year and Rocky was sitting waiting on the doorstep.

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Mauigirl52 said...

Hi Ruth,
Catching up with both your blogs! I am glad you and Mick had such a nice New Year's. We did too, we spent it at the home of our good friends along with another couple.

Best wishes to you both for 2007.

Mousie said...

You're quite right making a clear new house for this year...enjoy every little bit of everyday is so important...the past and the furure don't count, only the present glad you had a nice evening...
but something else, the picture of food and so on are so nice, i'll invite myself
Cheers you two!

Anonymous said...

You are always welcome Mousie and your friends; there is still some cheese left!

Audrey said...

What a beautiful post Ruth, cant help but smile and feel happy.... so much truth in your words.....thank you for that ray of sunshine

Love and best wishes for the coming year to both you and Mick