Thursday, January 25, 2007


This morning I was pleased to see that I could truly call today's post "WHITE" Thursday. Although only a dusting of snow it really sparkled in the sun.

Mick's has done really well eating wise. I think the soreness of loosing that tooth has worn off as (if it's sweet rather than savoury) he is eating everything I give him. Last night he was eating rice pudding at midnight!!! and this morning the bowl of creamy WHITE porridge I gave him went down with no problems, so everything is alwight there...(excuse the Ross/Barrymore to get another WHITE in some how even if it's just phonetically!).

Talking of his tooth I have been wondering what to get with the £5 that the tooth fairy left him. I wanted something that would last; a memory of that day; I decided that what could be better than to get a WHITE Dog's TOOTH Violet.......I know there's one called WHITE Beauty so I'll be scouring all the online plant sites to see where I can get one.

WHITE BEAUTY I was supposed to have the plumber coming back in today; he had advised a new boiler or at least some maintenance of the old one when he came the other day; rather than take any chances of it breaking down I gave them a call. They were due to come yesterday afternoon but the chap gave me a ring and said he'd been held up; he was quite willing to still come out but wondered if considering the circumstances with Mick whether I'd prefer him to leave it till today rather than have the disruption during dinner time. I thought that a good idea but they have phoned and he is snowed in (alledgedly)so we will have to wait until tomorrow...

Poor Manda's still not well and looked very pale(white?) when she popped in last night (though not well she insisted on popping round for a little while to see Mick...she's never missed a day in the past 20 months)......she's also only ever had 8 days off from work (excluding holiday times) in the last 7 years and 4 of those were due to Mick being in hospital.....I don't think many people can say this day and age people seem to have a sick day for the slightest thing.......(I wonder if the lightest in slightest counts as a WHITE?)

This is not the Procol Harum version but I think it's rather lovely; and she is wearing a WHITE dress!

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crpitt said...

Aww sorry to hear manda still unwell!
No snow here, but its very cold!!!
Still no radiator in Living room and i am doing the mother of all spring cleans in my room! well trying to!

Jenny said...

Your violet is lovely - at this time of year it's such a treat to have them. I'm eagerly awaiting my amaryllis to bloom - I can't remember what color I got!

Peter said...

Hi Ruth, thanks for visiting peters pictures, glad you like the old houses.

Skittles said...

I love that song!

Audrey said...

The violet is beautiful, what a lovely present from the tooth fairies.

We have had a slight fall of snow up here, already gone, just the icy winds at the moment....awakening first thing in the morning though

Glad Micks eating well and hope Manda gets well soon.

Analia said...

It's so good to come here and find out everything is ok. I'm glad Mick is eating well. I hope Manda gets better soon, and the flower is a beautiful treat!!!
Also the gift for your dad, I loved the idea :)
I can see you had it was snowing these days, can you PLEASE send some for Manuel? Some days ago he sat down on the front garden to wait for the snow to come!! Too much TV and WHITE Christmas I think, but how can a 4-year-old baby understand it won't snow in Uruguay?