Thursday, February 01, 2007


I got this in the post today; click on it for a closer look

YOU'VE GOT TO BE THICK TO NEED THIS! I shall be telling you later more about what we've been doing but I really want to dash into the kitchen and try out these instructions; so EXCITED !!!

p.s. if you feel a copy of these instructions would be of benefit to you or any of your family please either copy it or leave your email address in the comments box and I'll send you a copy

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talj said...

I am expecting full visual accompaniments with your next post as proof you tried these instructions! ;o)

Sheila said...

Words fail me..!
Make sure you hang on to this in case you forget the 'recipe'..!!

Dirty Butter said...

The brand around here is called Thickit, but it's the same thing. I used it with Mama, Pop, and now Daddy. For now, we're using it more to make feeding himself soups and cereals easier, rather than for swallowing difficulties, so I haven't thickened his coffee yet. Wonder what he'll think the first time I do THAT! LOL!!