Thursday, February 15, 2007


Mick did really well with the Valentine's dinner I'd cooked him last night; he enjoyed a few sips of red wine and ably managed Chocolate mousse, strawberry comfit, ice cream AND cream for dessert. He was really stuffed after all that and so I quickly got him ready for bed so he could have an undisturbed sleep.
About 9pm Sue text me to ask would I like company. As I'd turned her down in the afternoon so that I could have a nap I was pleased to have her come over.......I needed someone to help me finish the bottle of red wine anyway!

She had bought us this Valentine's gift; a lovely miniature red rose...isn't that sweet of her. We had chatted away for a good hour or so when there was a knock on the door and in came her husband Tom....dressed in pyjamas and dressing gown!!! He was wondering if Sue intended going was 11.30!!!!! We had a laugh about what the neighbours must have thought if they'd seen Tom in his night clothes trotting over to visit..................I could get a reputation as a Scarlet Woman!
I slept much better last night and didn't wake up until about was very frosty but lovely and sunny so Mick and I went for a stroll around the block. When we got back he sat in the kitchen while I potted up the hanging basket begonias........normally he would be my compost mixer but I told him that this year he could sit and watch and make sure I got the recipe right....LOL........and believe me he WAS watching!!

He's had a nice little doze back on his bed now and I'd better get on with some what shall we have?????

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talj said...

What a lovely little rose you and Mick received. So glad to hear you both had a lovely day and enjoyed your valentines dinner! :o)

Gene Bach said...

Dang, I'm coming over to your house for Valentines day next year if the food is always THAT good!


Audrey said...

Beautiful flowers, lovely food, fine wine and good company, recipe for a good day Ruth..You deserve it. And wasnt that a lovely surprise, the Valentines card:)))

RUTH said...

Thanks talj & auds it was a special day.
gene; as I always cook way too much food you are welcome any time.

Ruby in Bury said...

Hey Scarlet woman - being a Ruby, I thought that was me, LOL!

AnalĂ­a said...

Dear friend, I'm sorry I've been so immersed in my problems and I haven't visited you for some days...I didn't mean to be selfish with any of you...but I know you understand. Believe me that coming here today was comforting in many ways. You had such a wonderful Valentine's day!! I'm happy to hear that. Good dinner, flowers mousse, definitely the magic night you both deserved. (Gene Bach, pick me up, I'll go with you to Ruth's next year!!)
Hugs and kisses and more hugs, and more kisses and so on and on and on :)

Sheila said...

Mick likes his desserts, and seeing it was Valentines Day he had a lovely selection by the sound of it.
A good friend, a bottle of wine, and a good chat and the time flies.
Never mind if the neighbours talk, while they are gossiping about you they are giving someone else a rest..or so my wise old mum used to say.

CG said...

Reading your blog makes me feel all sorts of things - one of them is joy to know that true love really exists. Hugs to you and to Mick and I'm pleased to know you and Sue had a nice visit together.

Claire said...

I am back!
I very happy to see that you and Mick had a lovely valentines!
I was lost without the net!

Claire xxxxxxx

RUTH said...

Ruby; maybe Suffolk is full of scarlet women...LOL
Analia; I understand...just try to keep smiling and visit when you can
Sheila; what a wise mum....what a true saying
CG; thanks I consider myself very lucky