Monday, February 19, 2007


First of all I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have commented on the Clatterbridge Cancer Campaign post; I would love to thank you all individually but it would be rather unfair if I commented myself. Keep them rolling in; there's a way to go yet.
Once my computer was up and running again the rest of our weekend went smoothly. There was a bit of banging on Saturday afternoon as one of our neighbours was having a new fence put up. They had been laying out their garden last Summer when they moved in but I've not been able to see the end result until now.
I took this photo and put it on my computer screen so that Mick could see it and understand what all the noise was that kept disturbing him. He seemed quite satisfied then and slept through the rest of the afternoon.

On Saturday evening, when Manda popped in, Rocky decided he'd pay us a visit too. He jumped up onto Mick's bed and made himself quite comfortable. I think he liked the ripple effect of the mattress.

He wasn't very pleased when we had to turf him off so that we could get Mick ready for bed!

perhaps I should have shown him this picture of his sparring partner Max with his new haircut.

Sunday morning Mick and I had our usual 3 hour gardening radio programme on. I had some Amaryllis bulbs to plant up and was SO pleased that I had my camera phone on me as I could instantly snap Mick's reaction when I showed him how BIG the bulbs were. Moments like this can never be repeated. I sometimes wish I had CCTV in the front room because you never know when something like this reaction is going to happen.

Sunday afternoon we gave Mick his kitchenshower; he was awake the whole time and tried really hard, once again, to lift his arms so that I could wash under his armpits. The baby oil massage seems to be working well................I see you smirking in the corner................ON HIS SCALP FOR THE CRADLE CAP!!!........................ Mind you when we are putting Mick's Oilatum on his dry skin I often say "You lucky man....some men pay a FORTUNE for treatment like this!"........LOL
Mick ate well last night.........he loves the spicy mince that Chris makes (it's Chilli actually but Mick was always adamant that he didn't like Chilli when he was well).
Tomorrow we have Ron and Brenda it will be Shrove Tuesday I may make Apple Pancake instead of an ordinary cake; I'm sure I've some stewed apple left in the freezer that I froze last Autumn. It cuts into slices like a cake and will be lovely served with some cream.

I am still having some computer problems so if I suddenly disappear for a few days it's because my pc has had to go and see Dr. Rob. Hopefully it won't come to that but if it does it's no excuse for you to stop those comments coming in so that we can reach our target 100!

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CG said...

That apple cake looks gorgeous, Ruth :) I have to tell you I saw the Branston beans advert on last night and instantly thought of you and Mick. That's a lovely photo of Mick's reaction to the big bulbs.


Audrey said...

I second that about the cake, thanks for putting the recipe up, will give this one a try. Micks expression is lovely, all wide eyed and interested, what a treat!!!

Gene Bach said...

Hey Ruth, can you contact me via email?


grumpyoldwoman said...

Drool - that apple pancake looks so lovely - can I have a slice? Wish I could be bothered to cook - is that cop out do you think?

talj said...

Oh the look on Mick's face is priceless Ruth! He certainly was impressed! The cake looks delicious and I am glad you all had a nice weekend :o)

{{{BIG HUGS}}}