Sunday, February 04, 2007


As there have been a few comments about Sean Bean; just to clarify for any of you who don't know and so that there are no mix ups;
please don't kiss the screen

This is Sean Bean

Mr Bean puckering up
This is Mr Bean

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Audrey said...

OOOOOOOPS Naughty but I think I will print the lower picture and pin it on the wall as an reminder of the ex's true power and keep things in perspective and have me smiling at the same time.......OH DEAR am I sad or

Ruby in Bury said...

Thanks for making that clear Ruth. And can I also make it clear, for anyone who might have misunderstood, that I fancy the top one. Thanks.

;-) xxxx

(Don't you dare swap round the pictures positions now!!!)

RUTH said...

Auds; good thinking....would make a great dart board
Ruby; what a tempting thought!!! LOL

RUTH said...

As a point of interest...Sean and I have the same birthdate!!!

Claire said...

I may let you borrow him for a while, but only when i am on holiday with Daniel Craig!