Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yesterday MrsNesbitt left a comment on M.M.L.M.G. saying to watch tomorrow's post. Hm...(I thought) I wonder what she's putting on her blog tomorrow that she wants me to particularly see. This morning when I got up I had a quick look...nothing yet......still yesterday's post. I thought I'll take a look later.
Mick woke up, ate breakfast etc. It's very rainy and after a busy day yesterday and with a busy, fun filled, visitors weekend ahead (in celebration of Manda's birthday on Monday) I thought I'd leave him in bed and let him rest. I was just having a tidy up when the mail came. There were quite an assortment of letters but one envelope stood out amongst the rest. It was a lovely shade of pink, with decoration on it and felt quite thick. I opened it and what did I find inside.................

Aren't they lovely and all handmade; Mrs N you're a sweetheart...I thought I'd had enough nice surprises yesterday to last me a lifetime...and now I've had more! I certainly won't be using these cards to send to other people......they will be sent "in house"...that way I get to keep them. Isn't it funny that since I started blogging that when I hear/read the word POST I automatically think of Blog Posts and not the post the postman brings!

With there being so many people in the house this weekend who will want to see Talj's photo in the flesh I was a little worried that it could get damaged. next time we get to town I'll seek out a frame worthy of it; but until then I need to keep it SAFE. I found an old frame and have put it in there. It's not perfect by any means and the photo moved slightly as I put the frame backing on but the most most important thing is that everyone can "look without touching"!

I was really pleased at lunchtime; I'd made egg mayonnaise and cress sandwiches for Manda's lunch and Mick managed a whole sandwich. He seems to have a problem with eating bread; it makes him choke but I always give him a taster so that he doesn't feel left out. Well he managed more than a taster must have been because the cress was home grown and not shop bought.

I'm still having a problem getting him to drink; it's not choking that's the problem....he just doesn't seem to WANT to drink. It will be interesting to see what he does at the weekend when there is a Brandy & Coke on offer....maybe I've just not found the drink he fancies. Although he eats quite well he doesn't open his mouth very wide.......but it's a different story when Chocolate Liqueurs are should see how wide he opens his mouth then!!anyone one want a chocolate liqueur?

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talj said...

Now theres a shot of Mick I hadn't seen before ;o) What lovely cards you received Ruth!! I have one from Mrs N too which is staying right here with me!! The picture looks great :o) Hope your search for the painting throws up some more good news soon.

{{{BIG HUGS}}} to you and Mick xx

CG said...

What beautiful cards :)

I'm glad you and Mick enjoyed your egg sandwiches. They are my favourites but they have an unfortunate effect on me so I am not allowed to eat them unless I can guarantee being ALONE for the following 24 hours!!

RUTH said...

cg; they have the same effect on if you're ever this way I'll make you some and you can join our musical band...LOL

Claire said...

Hey ruth, I am so glad your day continued with more niceness!
Mrs Nesbit sounds lovely.
Mum has to stay in another night because surgeon didn't get round to discharging her!

Women on the Verge said...

What beautiful cards! My friend (the red zephyr) has started making cards now that she's feeling strong enough ( the friend from "A Brush with Chaos").. I'm going to share your picture with her for inspiration :-)

They're so lovely... have you considered framing them??

The picture from talj is simply stunning! I used to be very heavily into photography... both in front of and behind the camera... in my younger days. It makes me itch to pick up a camera again... maybe when the kids are a bit older...


RUTH said...

Claire; keeping fingers crossed for you.
E; think I will frame them..good idea. And don't put off the photography. Once the children grow up before you know it the grandchildren are there. And think of all the lovely photos you'll have to show those grandchildren when they arrive!!!!

Audrey said...

The cards are lovely Ruth, there is really something special about handmade cards, compliments to Mrs N on her talents too.

Good too that Mick is eating well.