Sunday, February 25, 2007


The last of the visitors have just left and Mick and I are having a little chill out time. I've put on the Ocean Sounds CD I bought at the garden centre on Wednesday and hopefully Mick is dreaming of a warm, tropical beach as I write this post.
myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphicsAhem...less of the scantily clothed young ladies please Mick!!!"

We all had a great time last night. Although it's not officially Manda's birthday until tomorrow, as we were all together she opened her presents. She was really pleased with the Tenacious D DVD I'd bought her and especially excited hat Mick had bought her The Lost Boys DVD (WITH commentary)....
it has been her favourite film for so many years and her old video copy was well past it's "sell by" date.

Lynn & Steve bought her copious amounts of photograph printing paper so AT LAST she will be able to print out the numerous photos she's been taking with the digital camera she got for Christmas.

We all had a turn of the Orgasmatron head massager that Leanne & co bought her. If you enjoy having your hair played with it's a must have toy........

it gives a lovely tingly sensation...

even Mick had a go!

The Chinese take-away was delicious;and we all had massive helpings

though some people did manage a little of the apple fact Mick managed TWO helpings!

Manda enjoyed her "special" drink.......she loves Southern Comfort.....would you believe this bottle was empty by the end of the evening!!!....even more surprising is the fact she still made it round here at 9am this morning for a cuppa!!!

Sue came over for a drink too during the evening and regaled us all with stories of her childhood........but by 1am we were all ready for bed!

Just time for a sisterly goodnight kiss before Manda & co staggered home.

Manda is a little worried that, as she has such dark hair, she is going to succumb to a "lady" beard and moustache as the years take their toll on her youthful complexion. Last night she was convinced that she could feel a little stubble on her chin................I think it was just the effect of too much alcohol making her imagine things........drink can have that effect........what do you think?????

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Liz said...

I LOVE my orgasmatron and would sit all day having it used on my head. If someone would do it. Just putting it on my own head gives me shivers; just thinking of it gives me shivers!!

Marion said...

Looks like a lovely party, Ruth!

Happy Birthday, Manda! The flan looks delicious!

talj said...

oh! looks like you all had a wonderful weekend!!! Happy Birthday to Manda! The food looks delicious...I'm pretty sure a food parcel is needed here in Leeds ;o) LOL {{{HUGE HUGS}}} to you,Mick and the family :o)

Anonymous said...

hi mum, thankyou for a lovely weekend.i love it when we're all together as one big family. just love the picture of manda, but how come she still looks stunning with a moustache and beard lol!! love to you both as always. from leanne and kids xx

CG said...

Oh, I've tried that orgasmatron - it's great!! The party sounds fantastic; glad you all enjoyed it!!

masgblog said...

The Orgasmatron head massager and the apple flan caught my fancy....thx for visiting today...I'll stop by again for sure to read more.....cheers

Claire said...

Lol! on the orgasmatron and Mandas hair problem, i hope you recommend the products to her!!lol!
Ocean sounds, sound very relaxing but makes me think of hippies in labour!lol!

I want the tenacious album and The Lost Boys i my favourite film of all time! because i absolutely loved Jason Patric (more than Sean Bean i am afraid!

Lady Beard! that is so wrong!
It really sounds like you had a great time!

Skittles said...

Is it really called that??? An Orgasmatron??? Too funny :)

Sylvia said...

Ruth, my favorite cd is my Ocean Sounds. I play it at night when I am trying to go to sleep. I have Sounds of Nature. Lots of rain storms, crickets and many other sounds. They are all relaxing.

I loved your responses to why you blog. Reading your post make me feel like I was at the party with you and your friends having a good time.

For some reason I knew when I first started reading your blogs that we were a lot alike and now I am sure we are.