Tuesday, February 20, 2007



Well done everyone and Thank You for all your wonderful comments. Special thanks to those of you who highlighted this post on your own blogs.....your help was invaluable. Talj is doing a stalwart job of thanking you all by visiting as many blogs as she can and I am slowly making my way round to do the same. To those who do not have blogs/emails or have been anonymous please accept our thanks by way of this post. Many of you have been touched by cancer in your lives and by small gestures like this I hope that one day cancer will be eradicated from this world so that our grandchildren and their children will not have to bear the suffering of losing a loved one in this way.

Of course the fund raising is not over by a long way.

Maybe some of you would like to put the donation box on your own blogs, pop over to Talja's blog...she will be only to pleased to give you the code.

Maybe you'd like to make a donation yourself; don't think "Oh I can't afford much"....every penny helps...look how these 50p's have mounted up in just a few days.

Maybe you own or work for a company who could help with Car Sponsorship - Your advert somewhere on a Smart Roadster as it makes it's 1,000-mile trip!

Maybe you're in a pub dart's team or a football team and could Sponsor the Team - Your logo somewhere on the Top hat and Tails!

Such a lot of "Maybe's"............

have a second read of them.....

just think about them .............

I bet that at least one of these "MAYBE's" could become a "WILL BE"

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Icarus said...

Totally excellent!
At last, something warm on this exceptionally cold Carnaval Bank Holiday!
A force for good. And best of all is to see you at the centre of things (I've no time to go anywhere else, e.g. Talj, but I hope I can soon).
Where to next?

Ruby in Bury said...

Brilliant! Well done - what a fantastic idea and WHAT A LOT OF COMMENTS!! Most ever on my blog was about 23 on 1 post,that hundred odd at the end of the one below looks amazing. Excellent achievement and for such a good cause! Ruby x

talj said...

Ruth you have been wonderful!! Thank you so much for carrying on your support for Andrew and myself! Next week we should be able to flash a few pictures of us and the car around! No top hat and tails just yet though! ;o)

Audrey said...

You are so creative Ruth in so many ways..Inspiring in so many ways

Well done x x x x x