Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I am really trying hard to compose myself enough to share with you all the wondrous happenings of today.
The day may have started like this

but the events that have occurred since!!!!!!

I will try to put them in order; my mind is such a maze of emotion at the moment.......I knew that just the fact that we would be going to a garden centre meant it would be an exciting day but....WOW!!!!!
Mick was still asleep when I opened my it were many notifications of comments on some of my was from Dirty Butter who has been valiantly hunting down Greg (the ex-owner of Smallbridge Hall) is part of that comment; a copy of the email she had received from someone she had communicated with in her search.....

Hello Rosemary,The owner of Smallbridge Hall (and Pont Data) was indeed Greg Moore, who was married to Libby - with 2 daughters I think. Some of the group members to my knowledge still live around Bures, so I've copied the group mailbox. If anyone can help, they'll presumably respond :-) Best of luck,Sigurd


I was just coming round from this when there was a knock on the was the postman with mail from Talj. Talj had said that she was going to send me one of her photographs by way of a thank you for my post Clatteridge Cancer Campaign. I knew the photo would be superb because I have seen on her blog some of her work.......but never did I think it would be as wonderful as it is................this is going to disappoint you I know but as hard as I've tried I haven't been able to take a photograph of it that would do it justice and it is too big for my scanner. It was a photograph of the base of a tree, bared roots thrusting forward as though gathering the Autumn leaves surrounding them. The colours and the clarity are breath taking. Oh how I wish I could share it with you all. It will definitely be framed and hung in our living room in pride of place.

Meanwhile that grey sky outside was becoming blue and sunshine was to be seen! Bad weather would not have stopped Mick and I going out....but good weather would make the trip even more enjoyable. Mick ate his breakfast with relish and at 11o'clock off we went to the garden centre.

We had a wonderful hour there; Mick was peeking at all the plants......we looked at the Rhododendrons on sale and I knew that inside Mick would be smiling because in the past whenever we saw Rhodos for sale Mick would say "They call THAT a Rhododendron!" and feeling pride at his own that he has loved and nurtured for so many years in our garden. I won't go into detail about what we bought etc....I'll post that tomorrow (maybe tonight?) on Me. My Life,My Garden.....suffice it to say we had a wonderful outing. When we got home I put Mick back on his bed (after showing him Talj's photo again)

and he sat with his head so straight and erect; not lolling forwards or sideways. The trip had done him so much good!

The wondrous happenings don't end there though............also in one of my comment boxes is this!

Christian Langlois has left a new comment : Hi Ruth, Sigurd is correct Greg Moore lived there with wife Libby, 2 girls probably about 10 & 12/13 at the time. Greg didn't leave the area immediately I think they waited for convenient time for girls to switch/finnish schooling.

More incredible information!!!!!!

My friend Sue came over to see if Mick and I had an enjoyable time at the Garden Centre.....we were having a cup of tea when there was a knock on the door....................I opened it and there stood a woman holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

As we are always home we often take in parcels and flower deliveries for I thought nothing of it until she asked "MICK AND RUTH????".......................she must have seen my expression of puzzlement because she said "I am at the right address aren't I. Do Mick and Ruth live here". In sheer bewilderment I mumbled a yes and took the flowers. Dazed I walked into the living room and Sue said "Wow they are amazing. Who are they from?".................I fumbled with the card not having the slightest clue who could have sent them......................

They were from Talj and Andrew thanking us for our efforts on the campaign. It was all too much for me.....the tears started to well...Sue started to sniff.....and realising that maybe I needed a little time to myself left. I hastily emailed Talj thanking her and Andrew ......still in a daze. I attempted to find my large's been so long since used it......I couldn't find it and was attempting to arrange them in a kiln jar when Manda came in. Well that started me off again as I told her all about the days events.........Manda put it quite succinctly when she said (as I sobbed in her arms "The thing is Mum you are so strong and deal so well with all the SH*'s when the nice things happen that you don't know how to deal with it!"

"But all I've done is write a blog!!!..... and I've all these lovely people who I've never met saying such nice things, sending gifts, spending their own time trying to find Mick's painting!!!"............

Manda then threatened to write on my blog "STOP BEING NICE TO MUM; SHE CAN'T HANDLE IT"

I'll end this post as I started it; with a picture of the I must go and do a blogaround....I've visited no one yet today.......not even my P.A.D. friends!!!!


Natalya has kindly sent this so that you can see the wonderful photograph

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CG said...

Ruth, you certainly deserve your day of wonder.

I know the photo of T's that you mean; it's one of my favourites.

I'm so pleased to hear all about your day :)

Hugs to you and Mick xxx

Icarus said...

Ruthie, I am honestly elated to read all that! What a great day! But you nkow something? I really believe in that maxim: "What you give, you get". And as nobody gives more than you, then all this harvest is not such a surprise, but certainly no more than you deserve.
And on the Greg-hunt, do you remeber me telling you when it all began that it was scientifically proven that you can track anyone down anywhere in the world by e-mail with up to no more than 8 mails in a chain? It's going to happen, so keep that box of mansize handy!!
And me too, a better day, workwise, moving it along, despite the inherent horribleness of it. So i feel like Ii've earned my rest tonight and am looking forward to Seeing FC Porto give Chelski a bashing. Bye-bye Mourinho!!! Night-night RuthinhaXXX

talj said...

Do I get to pop in and be mean now Ruth? ;o) :o) {{{BIG HUGS}}}

talj said...


Having gone through your post a couple of times I thought I should share something with you. I can completely understand when you say that when something good happens you just don't know how to react! I have had my fair share of cr*p this past 20 months,I've done my best with the help of wonderful friends to hang in there and keep going.

Today I received a letter in the post telling me that the council had tried to visit me on Monday and that I hadn't been in. It demanded I call within 7 days so straight away I picked up the phone. I explained I am unable to leave the house and that infact the lady from the council DID visit me on Monday! The nice man on the end of the phone told me not to worry and that he would sort things out. He then said was I aware of the changes that had been made regarding my situation. I began to panic then. Nothing good ever happens, what is he about to say, more bad news.....No, he told me that they had done some investigating and had found I had over paid them last year....What was he trying to say? I was so confused....On March 2nd they will be making a payment to me and when he told me the amount I nearly fell off my chair!!!! I asked him to stop and firstly check it was the right account he was looking at and then repeat all he had said as I just couldn't believe it! The amount may not be much to some but just the fact that it wasn't bad news lifted my spirits! When I got off the phone I was so excited I had to ring someone to share my good news, thankfully Andrew answered! :o)

Ruth, you deserve all the good things that happened today and much, much more. You can cry as many times as you like, I'll happily cry with you! Your flowers look lovely and I am so pleased I chose the right photograph for you.

Much love and hugs,

Natalya xx

Audrey said...

Its all been said Ruth already..........BUT ITS WORTH REPEATING!!!! Your day of wonders is so deserved Ruth, you are such an inspiration...Im delighted about the discoveries so far regarding the hunt for the painting..sending lots of positive vibes your way, Gosh what a day...The flowers are beautiful as is the photo...and isnt it great that talj also got to share the wonders of the day in such a way..
My heart is bursting as I read all this...

Love to you, Mick and your lovely family

Claire said...

Bloody hell Ruth! when you said you had a day of it, i wasn't sure what you meant!
I nearly burst into tears reading this, i am still sniffing now!
You have heard of karma haven't you?
What goes around comes around! You deserve all the love and effort that you are getting, you deserve it in bucket loads!
I know people often wonder about how people can be friends with somebody they have never met, i was one of them!
I always thought i need to see that person, see their body language,listen to the tone in their voice and then i will judge if they are nice! Well thats proven to be a load of bollocks.
I believe that we are definitely friends!
The photo and flowers off talj and Andrew are lovely, a wonderful thing for them to do!
We will continue in the hunt for the painting and if we dont find it , we certainly had fun trying!
Last but by know means least, we cant forget the man of the moment!
I am so glad Mick had a great day too, he must get all the good vibes flowing through the computer to him and you!

RUTH said...

Thanks to you all;
cg; glad everyone can see it now
i see icarus that it was a draw....hope you enjoyed the game and glad to hear you're taking some time off!
talj; don't think you'd have it in you to be mean! and isn't it great when someones owes you mony and not the other way around.
auds; it certainly was a special day.
claire; we are def bestest friends!

Claire said...

Cheers Ruth! now sleep, you need to conserve energy for next mission!lol!

Dirty Butter said...

It was an overwhelming day, wasn't it?? But it's great that it was a GOOD overwhelming day.

I heard from another Pont Data person yesterday who didn't have any information that would help with the painting search. But she did add an interesting tidbit of information about Greg Moore. According to her, he had inherited a British title of some kind.

I'm just pleased that my emails haven't been thrown away as SPAM, without ever being read. And then to have so many write back has been truly amazing.

As I've said before, you paid forward all this good fortune a long time ago.

May God bless you and Mick in a special way today.

Sylvia said...

I had tears in my eyes as I read this and am still on the verge of a good cry. Reading about your day the way you wrote it, was like being there with you and Mick. I too looked for Greg on the internet and found some but none which matched yours. You inspire people to do things and you give of your self. You deserve the flowers and many other good things that are sure to follow.

(PS I don't think there is much help for us related to pens, writing paper or cigarettes. lol Right after I posted that I had to go to the drugstore and guess where I wound up, the supply isle and then I bought cigarettes. I read your profile again this morning and realize that we are very much alike. I wish there was not the distance between us so that I could meet you in person.)

RUTH said...

Rosemary; how we can say Mick worked for a Lord or an Earl!!
Sylvia; what a nice thing to say; it would be lovely to meet all the people who drop by here; they know more about us, show more concern for us and are closer to us than some relatives!!!

Jenny said...

That is an extraordinary photo and what a day you had! I do love keeping up with your talkes - every detail is to savor. I was thinking about you this morning - about how 10 or 20 or 100 years ago, we'd all just be writing in our diaries, with no connection made, no friends made. All of us lonely folk, living out in the country or in tough cold cities or in difficult circumstances....anyone who talks about the downside of the Internet world (and I know there is one) has to acknowledge its value too, in bringing people together for mutual aid and comfort!

Women on the Verge said...

Oh Ruth! I never used to believe that "everything happens for a reason", but I learned years ago just how true it is. Sometimes things happen because we need to learn from the experience... and sometimes things happen so that others can learn from us...from how we cope . I believe that you and Mick are the teachers here. And what wonderful teachers you are!

Claire is spot on about the karma... you and Mick have given so much light to the world... now it's your turn to receive... ENJOY!