Friday, February 16, 2007


I had some really interesting emails today from my blogfriend at Dirty Butter............she had been trying to gather more information re the painting of is so kind of her as she is not in the best of health herself and is caring for her father. She had found the name of a Greg Moore, an Australian entrepreneur who lived in Bures (although not actually at Smallbridge Hall) until 1991 when he had problems with his business Pont Data Company. Now the painting of Mick was not done until around 2000 so the timeline doesn't fit. It goes to show though that information is out there in cyberworld..............and maybe this Greg did come back to Bures and bought Smallbridge Hall..............further investigations are being made

Mick has done very well today putting up with me trying out the new vacuum cleaner and carpet shampooer that I've bought. When I think how acute his hearing seems to be from his reaction if someone speaks to him or he hears a strange voice I find it remarkable that as soon as I warned him that I was going to be making some noise doing the cleaning he managed to fall straight asleep and STAYED asleep until I'd finished. I think it must be a "MAN THING"......LOL

I don't know if any of you who watch British TV have seen the new advert for Branston Beans.....well the song they use is a parody of "I believe in miracles"!!!!!....every time it comes on his ears prick up and I just KNOW what he's singing in his head!

For newer visitors who haven't a clue what I'm talking about click HERE to read the relevance.

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talj said...

Love the picture today and the story behind the 'I believe in Miracles' post really made me smile :o)

Icarus said...

Hiiiiiiii!! Online me again!
Of course, I can't se/hear/think of Errol & his miracles any more without thinking of Mick, it always makes me laugh!
But Branston Beans....what is THAT???
Ruth, can you tell me something? I noticed Analia's comment and I see that frog as her ID photo. Is it just me, or do you see that too next to her comment? Because that is what I see, multiplied by 84 when I open her blog.

CG said...

Great story Ruth; I've had those beans but not seen the advert. I'll always hear Mick's words in my head now when I hear that song!

Dirty Butter said...

Between 1986 and 1988 the redundant High St shop was purchased by Greg Moore, an Australian entrepreneur, who founded Bridge International (later renamed Pont Data Company)
"Bridge International" was an IT firm specialising in supplying online information to the finance industry.
Due to its rapid growth it soon outgrew these premises and moved down to Smallbridge Hall. Sometime after 1988, the shop was purchased as residential property by a local school teacher.

The way I interpreted the article, Greg Moore DID use Smallbridge Hall as his base of operations.

I still think this is the right Greg, just from an earlier time.

RUTH said...

Dirty Butter; that's fantastic!! None of my searches came up with this. You are a gem!!!!