Sunday, February 11, 2007


Please don't anyone mention's Sunday afternoon and I'm still stuffed from the Chinese Takeaway we had last night. We ordered from somewhere we hadn't tried before and it was delicious.......and the portions were HUGE!
They even threw in Fortune Cookies and Chopsticks (which Lynn handled like a professional). I'd made Mick cod in butter sauce with bubble and squeak as I wasn't too sure how he would handle swallowing noodles. He ate all that and then shared in my Chinese as well. He particularly liked the Fried Seaweed that came with the was so SWEET...and as you all know by now, Mick has a very sweet tooth. We were all too full to eat the lovely chocolate dessert than Leanne had brought for us (very kind of her as she wasn't here to try it) but there's always tonight!!! The only problem being that Lynn has now returned home so Mick and I will have to eat it all you feel really sorry for us don't you!!..................LOL

Took this lovely photo of Mick and Lynn. We had sat Mick in his special armchair and both Lynn and I are convinced that he WHISPERED "Yeah" a couple of times when she spoke to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sheila said...

Now that makes a change, don't they usually say that after a Chinese you are hungry again in half an hour..!
It really is too bad you have to eat a chocolate dessrt all by yourselves, but someone has to.
It is a lovely photo of Leanne with Mick.You obviously enjoyed each other's company and had a good time.

RUTH said...

Hi Sheila; yesnormally that's the way but this Chinese really stayed with us. BTW the chocolate dessert was fabulous!.You've done a "me"here; it's Lynn in the photo not Leanne...I'm always calling them by the wrong names...too many "L"s and "N"s....Leanne is the wrinkly one in my last post....LOL

Audrey said...

What a lovely picture of Mick and Lynn. Looks like you had a wonderful evening together, and dont you just love that seaweed, Hmmmmmmmmmmm delicious, should imagine Mick really enjoyed it, different texture and taste. Chocolate dessert is always fabulous Ruth, says Auds drooling at the