Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Although today was really sunny Mick and I didn't go out; as it was kitchenshower day I didn't want to wear him out too much. He has a little cradle cap at the moment and so I massaged some baby oil into his scalp first thing this morning and was pleased when I washed his hair to see the cradle cap clearing.
He really enjoyed his shower and had a nice restful sleep afterwards while Manda and I cleared the kitchen up. If you imagine a wheelchair in the middle of the paddling pool you'll get some idea of what I mean by kitchenshower. We do get a lot of water over the floor but at least it gives the floor a wash...LOL. In the summer we carry the paddling pool full of water out to the garden and use it to water the plants. This time of year though the grass out the front of the house gets the water. It's surprising how heavy water can be and it takes both Manda and I to carry it down the front steps. I'm sure the neighbours must think we are mad having a paddling pool full of water in this cold weather!!!
Talking of Manda; do you remember the funny episode about her making a Christmas Angel well it was sent back to the school today and she brought it round for usManda has insisted that if I post a photo of it that I must reiterate that she made this VERY quickly just to show the children how to do it.

I was pleased to see that although we are only in February that the sun is edging more into our garden. Hopefully in a few weeks there will be enough sun for me to be able to sit Mick near the back gate where he can bask in the (warm?) sun and watch me pottering about. I'm looking forward to that...the garden means a lot to us both and it just seems RIGHT to have him out there with me .

Well Mick's rousing now so must get on with dinner...a little later tonight due to the shower and sleep....Chicken Risotto tonight!

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Gene Bach said...

Man, do I remember craddle cap! When I was a kid I had that bad. I can remember my mom and grandma trying to peel off my scalp while they scrubbed! LOL!

RUTH said...

Oh you poor thing....think I'd rather have cradle cap than the scrubbing!!!

Mousie said...

hope craddle cap is disappearing...and you'll manage to have a little stay in the sunshine tomorrow...
take care dear
love and kisses to both of you

talj said...

Lovely Angel! I am sure this was a very useful excercise and helped the kids no end with their Angel making! :o) I am glad that Micks cradle cap has started to clear up, hope it continues to disappear! I am amazed at your kitchen shower! You are so clever with thinking of ways to make things easier for you and Mick, its great!!

Hope the rest of your day has been good :o)

Manny Essel, MD said...

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