Saturday, February 03, 2007


Had a text from Steve last night to say that poor Lynn's not well at all. He asked if it was ok to keep her at home instead of her coming to see us......bless him....he is so good about the fact that every other weekend he is left on his own (well he has Max their dog with him) while Lynn comes down to see her Dad. I know a lot of husbands would have got a bit fed up by now of their wife disappearing all the time but he never complains. He does come down himself sometimes but it's difficult making Max have the journey so regularly plus, being the handyman he is, there are so many DIY jobs that he needs to do in their own house. Lynn always says that she is better off down here when he has a project on as he likes to work alone but I know he must miss her.
I guess I'll have to eat all that cauliflower cheese I made for lunch myself as Mick doesn't like it much.........I'm not complaining about that!!!!

Manda and Nicole went to the doctors about their throat problems. Manda found out that her doctor retired 7 years ago....shows how long it's been since she last went to the surgery! It seems that both she and Nicole have tonsillitis and poor Manda has an inner ear infection as well... the doctor said he was surprised that she'd been managing to carry on! I think she's glad now that she went as it was getting her down feeling so tired and off colour all the time. The doc's given them both some antibiotics so hopefully they'll feel better soon.
I must tell you the story that Manda told us about the son of one of the women who works at the school. He is due to see the dentist soon and has an absolute phobia about needles. His mother had to take him to the doctors for a check up as he'd recently had an operation on his legs. Knowing the problem she was going to have with him at the dentists (if he had to have an injection) she asked the doctor if he could think of anything that she could do to relax him a little before he went. The doctor suggested.............

now wait for it



What is the medical profession coming too?

Dirty Butter has kindly sent me some information re; the problem with Mick's wheelchair so I shall be looking into them. More about that at a later date.

I'll end this post with some really exciting news; last night when Chris said "Hello" to Mick.....Mick said "HELLO" back. We were stunned; Mick hadn't been in a particularly awake mode..........and went straight back to sleep afterwards. There's just no explanation as to why he suddenly will say something.........but all the time he does it lifts all our spirits.

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Skittles said...

Oh yeah... acupuncture.. makes a lot of sense. NOT! lol

RUTH said...

It seems that mediacl ineptitude is world wide. Women on the Verge has recently had to deal with some of it regarding a friend of hers.

Audrey said...

Ruth moments like you mention when Mick speaks must be so delightful...Manda is incredible, middle ear infections are so painful and poor Lynn and Nicole too, hopefully the antibiotics will work their magic sooner rather than later...As for the needle story one cant help but laugh, although its not funny if your the one with the needle phobia..poor lad

Keep well and lots of love to you all