Friday, February 02, 2007


I'm not very adept at taking photos of the moon; a mixture of my own and my cameras inabilities, but it was such a lovely moon last night that I had to have a go. It's a bit better photo than the one I had on my post A bit of this and that and there were no aliens about as in the follow up post More this and that !full moon

The full moon doesn't seem to have had an effect on me or Mick but it sure had an effect on my computer. I think it was a Blogger thingy because it took me ages and 6 or 7 tries to get a photo to upload. I didn't even get as far as the redcross stage! would just say "Click done" and when I clicked nothing was there!!!I gave up for a while and went on a Blogaround....then I couldn't get into half of the comment boxes I wanted to if you're one of those people who can tell who's looking at your blog...I wasn't "lurking" honest...I just couldn't get in to comment.
Mick's t-shirts turned up today;

valentine shirts the orange one isn't too bad...I was worried it would look a little more florescent than this so am quite relieved. It's just a case of me cutting the sleeves open now so that I can get them over his elbows. I always buy him clothes now that are a couple of sizes to big for him as that helps when I'm getting him dressed.He has got some nice "he-man" type vest tops that I don't have to do this too but the weather's a bit too chilly for those.cut sleevesI won't make him wait until Valentines Day to wear them and have told him they are an early present. I'll get him some liquer chocolates for on the day.

Lynn's hopefully coming tomorrow; I say hopefully because she's had a bit of an upset stomach the last few days and then yesterday fell down the stairs!!!....luckily she doesn't seem to be too badly hurt. Manda is still not 100% fit (though back at work) and Nicole is off school with a bad throat and NO voice. Leanne has had all three of her children off school this week with colds and sickness (very difficult for her as a working Mum on her own). All in all it makes Mick and I seem like the "FIT FAMILY"!!!!

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Audrey said...

Lovely photo of the moon Ruth I always get the alien effect as well with my camera.. Sorry to hear the family are all poorly in one way or another, its that time of year isnt it. Mick T.shirts look lovely by the way.

Love to you all, and hopefully everybody gets over the various bugs and viruses soon

talj said...

Great photo of the moon Ruth, its not easy to do! I am glad that Micks t-shirts have arrived and that the orange wasn't too bright! :o)

Sheila said...

Glad the t Shirts came and you are pleased with them. I rather like that orange one..!
Blogger has been a pain lately, I agree. I had trouble loading pix too.