Friday, February 09, 2007


Leanne's coming to stay tonight (minus children...they are staying with their Dad this weekend) and Lynn is coming tomorrow morning and staying Saturday night so Mick's had a nice shave, fingernail cut and general pamper so that he will be looking his best for his "girls".
I'm slowly....and I mean S..L..O..W..L..Y... trying to get some spring cleaning done. I'd love to get the bedrooms looking like bedrooms and not a Second Hand Furniture Shop! how much can I get in one roomWe've just got so much of the downstairs squashed into the upstairs rooms. I'm trying to do just a little each day; I don't like leaving Mick downstairs on his own too long especially when I'm crashing about upstairs moving furniture around; I'd hate him to think we had burglars in the house or that the ceiling above him was about to collapse. I've almost finished one bedroom (the one that used to be ours!) but the problem is that I've put so much into the other one now that I really wonder if I've made the problem worse!!! It's probably as well that Phil, Kirsty and Mel aren't coming as I only have one bedroom in "working order" so to speak.
Well must dash; still more to do yet!

busy, busy, busy

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talj said...

Glad Mick has had a little pampering and that you will both have some company the next couple of days :o) Don't work too hard on your cleaning! :o)

Gledwood said...

Have an entertaining time when they get there...

Audrey said...

Just loved the song today Ruth, have a lovely weekend with your family around you and dont over work, doing those rooms.. I tend to end up moving stuff around from one room to another, isnt it amazing how much we accumulate over the years..

Love to all

Sheila said...

Nice to have some company, but don't over do the furniture moving, you never feel it until the next day.
Enjoy your weekend, have fun.