Saturday, February 03, 2007

U.K. v U.S.A.

I had a look at some of the products that Dirty Butter had emailed me about and tried to find comparable items at one of the large mobility companies in the U.K. The immediate thing that struck me was the difference in price between the U.S. and here. These are examples of a couple of the items that interested me in particular.

This arm rest comes as a single item and costs $29.95 (£13.70) which equals £27.40 for a pair.

This nearest U.K. equivalent costs £46.95 for a pair (is not covered by VAT relief for the disabled)

£19.55 dearer in the U.K.

This in the U.K. costs £99.99
in the U.S. costs $99.95 (£50.80) a saving of £49.19
and this costs $24.95 (£12.68) a saving of £75.04

I know the products aren't exact matches but looking at the specs. etc they compare pretty well as far as comfort and ease of use go. Guess whose sent an email to the American company enquiring about shipping costs and time scale of delivery??????
you guessed right!

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crpitt said...

Thats ridiculous, but i know it all to well!
My mum has a super bed called the rotoflex! which was about £7000, and when we enquired about getting more sheets, other than the 2 provided!
They said another company handled the bed linen, so we enquired with them and they that two sheets would be £70! These are normal bed sheets just a bit smaller than a single bed.
Have you checked ebay as well?
They have all sorts and if you went on instead of

Claire xxxxxx

RUTH said...

I'll do that. Can't believe the price of those sheets!!!I wouldn't expect to pay that even if they came with Sean Bean!!!...LOL

crpitt said...

LOl! ruth they where just bloody normal bed sheets. why would they think that somebody who could be in bed a lot, wears a catheter, would only need two!
Although for Sean Bean i would kick my mum out of the bed! (sorry mum but its Sean Bean!)


Jenny said...

Gosh, they sell those things down at the corner drugstore here - if you can't get them shipped reasonably, maybe I can!

Dirty Butter said...

I'm glad you found some items that looked like they would work. When I started looking, I had in mind that I had seen that sheepskin looking wheelchair cover back when we were taking care of Mama. The price differences are criminal!! I do know, though, from shipping even light weight items to the UK that we've sold on eBay, that s/h costs are high.

RUTH said...

I have a feeling the shipping costs WILL be high but I found the comparison interesting. Now that I've seen some pictures of the arm rest covers it's given me a better idea for a DIY this blog!!!!

Ruby in Bury said...

Yes, I was going to say Ruth maybe you could do some DIY - they sell foam sheets on Bury market - or maybe even get someone to take the chair to an uphostery place where they might be able to cushion the arms for less than it would cost to buy a new chair and get it shipped.

Ruby in Bury said...

crpitt, I think I might kick anyone out of bed for Sean Bean (hope Mr Ruby doesn't read this!!)

Audrey said...

The price differences are incredible. Good luck with the diy solution, Im sure you will have much success with it, as you say the items give you a good idea of whats needed....Seventy pounds for two sheets left me flabbergasted, thats criminal

Sean Bean seems to have hit the right spot