Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Well another rainy day today; we were so lucky last week that we had sunshine for our trip out as since then it seems to have rained constantly. It's so depressing!!!

With all that's been going on lately I've not really written a proper update of Mick's condition at the moment. When you're living day by day with someone little changes in their appearance can creep up on you unawares. This would have been true of me in the past but now I am so attuned to every slightest thing that just a single extra grey hair would stand out so clearly. Over the past few weeks Mick has had far fewer of those moments when I feel he is really awake and aware of his surroundings; he is peeking less. His hearing still seems very acute as he will rouse slightly at unexpected noises or when I put the phone to his ear for Lynn, Leanne or Ron to speak to him. Mealtimes are becoming two hour marathons. I don't think it's that Mick isn't hungry.........once he has finally swallowed a mouthful of food he is more than ready for another. It is a case of extreme patience and lots of "reheating". He is really only eating two meals a day now although he will sometimes rouse in the afternoon and have a yoghurt; or occasionally have a "midnight" feast. He is losing weight though. That is obvious to the naked eye. He is very anti-fluids. I do my best to get him to drink but his waking hours are so few that it's a case of the odd sip now and again. Of course this means that his urine output is very low and his urine is very strong. In the past even if Mick hasn't had a bowel movement I could tell he needed one....this has changed now...he is giving me no signs of feeling that he needs one.

I am really hoping that the weather improves soon; we went out into the garden yesterday but it was for such a short time before the weather turned against us. Mick does seem perkier when we get outside and the effort involved in getting him out there, even for a short while, is worth it. The days are starting to lengthen now and the colour is starting to creep into the garden. Mick and I would sit for hours by our little pond listening to the frogs as they cavorted in the sunshine. It will be nice if I can get him out there when all that is happening again this year.

A little further news re the hunt for Mick's portrait. DirtyButter my very own Sherlock Holmes, has contacted Libby Moore the artist and she was kind enough to reply. Unfortunately this is not the Libby Moore we are looking for. Still it's one avenue explored and who knows next time......?

a reminder of sunny days
Now let's all bask in this glorious sunshine......................

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Suzi-k said...

Hope you find the right Libby soon. It is special listening to frogs, except when they are big African bullfrogs that bray like donkeys, and live in a pond built right outside your bedroom window!
We now have little Clicking river frogs in our back courtyard, they make sweet clicking sounds, very friendly to listen to, but they are shy cute little guys who you seldom see, with pointy striped noses!

CG said...

Dear Ruth, so hard to think of something to say to you today...I just really hope the weather improves so you and Mick can sit outdoors more. Our pond is full of frogs too!

RUTH said...

suzi-k those buulfrogs sound noisy...just a swell we don't have those. The river frogs sound really cute.
cg; no need to say anything...the hug and your visit is enough

talj said...

My Dear Ruth, {{{BIG HUGS}}} to you and Mick! It is so lovely to read that Mick responds to those special noises. Having been catapulted into the BT world last June I learnt so much and spent many hours surrounded by people in similar circumstances to yourself. You are a very strong lady and I admire the courage and determination you show just by getting through each day.

If you ever need anything, you know where I am Ruth. I'll help anyway I can.

Much love,

Natalya xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi mummy

I like the others do not know what to say - what I can say is that without your care and love - daddy would not be here now!!! For that we are truely thankful... We love you loads... Looking forward to the weekend - lots of love, now and always
Lynn, Steve and Max

Claire said...

I really appreciate you updating us on Mick's condition.
I guess its our job as your friends to offer you our ears to listen and our cyber shoulders to lean on! If there is more i can do, just ask!
You are doing a amazing job making Mick's life better and brighter. The support you seem to offer your family and even me is awesome! please make sure you ask for support if you need it.
Oh can you email me your address please!

Mousie said...

sure everything will be easier when the sun will come ...
the Spring is on his way my friends, sure he is...
love to both of you

RUTH said...

Will do Claire; and thanks for being my cyber leaning posts all.
Mousie; yes I think you are right..it will be here soon.
LYnne & Steve; Roast beef at the weekend so NO dieting!!!

Audrey said...

No words Ruth just a big warm hug for ((((((you and Mick))))))) one day at a time the song goes and some we give to quiet reflection, gathering...Mick saw something very special in you Ruth and here we see it too. A little cyber sunshine...Thank you.

Dirty Butter said...

Sorry I didn't see this post yesterday when you were down, and I'm glad that letting it all out seems to have helped you a little.

Have you ever used a thickening agent in Mick's liquids? We've used this to good effect with all three parents. You can even turn water into something to eat with a spoon! The brand we buy around here is called Thick-It. We add it to soups, Boost, water, and now - YUCK Milk of Magnesia!! GAG SPUTTER Thank goodness his taste buds are so old. I think he thinks it's custard.

I still have the journals I kept with Mama and Pop. I've written about Daddy on the blog, though, so I guess the day will come when I'll print all his posts out and keep them with the others.

RUTH said...

Auds;thanks for the words & the hug. I went and lit a candle from your site for Pat...what a lovely idea it is.
DirtyButter; we have Thick and Easy over here...it does help the liquids go down easier when Mick wants to drink and I use it to thicken Complan to make a mousse like texture.

Elsie said...

Dear Ruth

Although I do not visit all that often, please know that you are always in my thoughts.

You are a very brave woman and I know that Mick can feel the love you have for him.

I do not know what else to say

Be strong

You are like a very good friend to me and I would have liked to know you and Mick personally.

Take care to yourself too