Saturday, February 10, 2007


A quick early morning post; just waiting for Lynn to arrive. We had a nice evening last night; Leanne managed to get a lift from her friend Kim (the one who took part in the Charity Run); it made such a difference to the time Leanne arrived as she had a 20 minute car journey instead of an hour and a half bus trip.
Dinner went down well both for us and Mick! Manda popped in for an hour and ended up staying till 11pm!!!....we had a few drinks and a good chat and Mick dozed in and out listening to our girly chatter as we put the world to rights.
MANDA WITH BEERI took a couple of photos; this is Manda have a smile at one of the many silly things we talked about. I took a photo of Leanne as well.....................SHE HATES she say it shows up her TWO TINY wrinkles! and has dared me to post it. Always one for a challenge I say "PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED"

WRINKLY LEANNE Leanne....instantly recognisable by her wrinkles.....LOL

Well must dash and get the kettle on ready for Lynn's cuppa when she arrives. Have a good day!!

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talj said...

LOL LOL LOL!!! I had serious trouble picking out Leanne's two wrinkles, she hides them so well! ;o) Great to hear you all had a nice evening :o) Hope you all have a lovely saturday! :o)

Angel said...

THAT is amusing!!! Hee hee Angel

Sheila said...

Sounds like a fun evening...
Tell her they aren't wrinkles...they're laugh lines...!

Audrey said...

Aww love the girlie talk Ruth isnt it good to be able to have that girl time with your daughters....Now as for those wrinkles lol.....x