Sunday, February 04, 2007


Spurred on by the kind interest and suggestions of my Blogvisitors I resolved that I would get this wheelchair problem solved A.S.A.P. The more I looked at what was on offer the more I thought...."Mick's arms don't actually rest on the arm rest; just his elbows nestle in that gap. Therefore is there any point having something to cover the whole armrest?" I thought I'd dust off my sewing box and see what I could come up with.
busy, busy

I found that I had some spare fleece, wadding and Velcro and after spending ages trying to thread the eyes are getting didn't take much cutting and stitching to make two of these;
a little bit of sewing was all that was needed

looks comfortableThe "proof of the pudding" will be when we next go out; much too cold and foggy to even contemplate a trip out today! Mick didn't wake up until after 9 anyway and by the time he was breakfasted, washed and dressed he was quite sleepy again so I think he's happier having a lazy day in the warm. I put one of his new t-shirts on him .............the colour really suits him.My very own handsome hubby

My handsome Darling

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Audrey said...

Wow Ruth, these look perfect, You are amazing........They look as if they will do whats needed of them and protect Micks skin...Well done.

And your right Mick really does suit that colour, he looks very handsome in the new t.shirt.

Have a lovely day together..x x

Sheila said...

Clever you, that's just what was needed and they look so soft and comfy. Mick looks so good in that colour, it really suits him..
Enjoy your Sunday.

talj said...

Oh Ruth I am so pleased you managed to find something to plug up that gap! Well done!!! Lovely photo of Mick today too, the new t-shirt really suits him! :o)

Ruby in Bury said...

Great stuff Ruth, you are a multi-talented gal - the arm rests look like they'll work well.

Mick does indeed look very handsome, that's a really nice pic of him.

crpitt said...

You are a genius! how about we set up an ebay business? not quite sure what i would contribute though?lol!
What's next on the list to help Mick?
Your right that colour does suit him!

Claire aka your business manager!

RUTH said...

Never bought or sold anything on ebay so it would be a new experience. Glad to see my pic of Sean is still on the post after your visit Claire...LOL
Glad you all agree it's a good colour on Mick....I wonder if we'll say the same about the orange one!

Claire said...

It was a struggle but i thought you should have a picture, i have the real thing!
Cant wait to see the orange one.

Dirty Butter said...

Fantastic, Ruth!! They look "store bought"! If they will stay put under the pressure of his stiff arm, I don't see why that wouldn't solve that problem. One less sore to be concerned about, right??