Sunday, February 18, 2007


An important update re; Greg Moore...............

Between 1986 and 1988 the redundant High St shop was purchased by Greg Moore, an Australian entrepreneur, who founded Bridge International (later renamed Pont Data Company)"Bridge International" was an IT firm specialising in supplying online information to the finance industry.Due to its rapid growth it soon outgrew these premises and moved down to Smallbridge Hall. Sometime after 1988, the shop was purchased as residential property by a local school teacher.

Dirty Butter has found this information; what a wonderful lady she is. This is a very exciting step forward as it now looks almost certain that I have the surname .............this is going to make things a lot easier to track down.

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Audrey said...

This is amazing.. Well done Dirty Butter and fingers crossed Ruth Who day x x

Dirty Butter said...
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Dirty Butter said...

I made a banner for your search for Greg Moore and added it to all my blogs and the bottom of the first page of BLOG VILLAGE.

Anyone who wants to add the code to your site is welcome to use it!!

Replace each * with <

Change the font, etc., to match your blog

Put the href and src URL's back together on one line


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Dirty Butter said...

I'm getting closer! I've corresponded with two ex employees of Pont Data, the company that Greg Moore owned. They are trying to find contact information on him for you. One of them has ties to people who live in Burres now. He's checking to see if this artist was a local or not.

I need a magnifying glass and a Sherlock hat!!

Dirty Butter said...

Here's the reply from the owner of a Yahoo Group for ex employees of Pont Data!

Hello Rosemary,

The owner of Smallbridge Hall (and Pont Data) was indeed Greg Moore, who was married to Libby - with 2 daughters I think.

Some of the group members to my knowledge still live around Bures, so I've copied the group mailbox. If anyone can help, they'll presumably respond :-)

Best of luck,


Dirty Butter said...

Do you have a photo of Mick that would be from about the same time period as the painting?? I hope so, as I'm hot on the trail and would find that useful at this point. If it's not already on your blog, could you add it, so I can send the folks I'm writing to see what he looked like then?