Tuesday, February 06, 2007


cold but sunny It was such a beautiful morning although it was so cold that Mick and I took a wander around the estate. The sun was really bright and I'm glad I put Mick's sunglasses on him.looking at the front gardenHe had his eyes open for most of the trip and seemed really interested in the red Japanese Quince near our local shops. I could see his eyes visibly widen when I pointed it out to him.Japanese Quince

The pads I made seem to be doing the trick and appeared to be quite comfortable for him to lean on.fading bruise

That nasty bruise has really started to fade and hopefully we will have no re-occurrences.

Good news on the bowel movements; for the last few days Mick has been doing a small amount each day without any help from Movicol. I'm pleased about this as he must be so much more comfortable than when he goes days and days without performing. I'm sure the fact that he's eating a little better must be helping, and seems to be managing savoury food with more relish than he was a few weeks ago; though the desserts go down A LOT faster. It takes about an hour and three quarters until his main course is finished but only fifteen minutes for his dessert!
I'm pleased he's back into savouries it'll give me a chance to try some Crock Pot recipes. Gledwood directed me to a site the other day which had a couple on and after a bit of surfing about I found a really good site Southern U.S. Cuisine that has over 1400 on so we will be spoilt for choice.

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talj said...

Excellent to see your padding is doing the trick!! Iam so pleased you found something to plug that gap!! Well done!! Looks like a lovely day where you are today. Hope you and Mick had a lovely stroll and enjoyed the fresh air! :o)

Gene Bach said...

Sounds like a good day! I hope ther are more of those coming for you and Mick.

Sheila said...

It's lovely to get outside on these bright crisp days. Perhaps that helps Mick's appetite too..?
I'm with him when it comes to dessert, I can scoff mine in half the time it takes to eat my dinner..!

Claire said...

I am so glad your things worked for mick! and its great that the food is doing the trick instead of movicol.
Any recipes that are good, you will have to tell me.

Audrey said...

Micks elbow looks so much better :)) Looks like the pads youve made will make all the difference. Glad to see you both out and about, it looks almost spring like where you are...

Glad to hear Micks managing without the Movical, of all the medications I have to administer, Movical,Lactulose and fybogel are the ones I would hate to have to take myself and dont like giving it.

Enjoy experimenting with the recipes and have a lovely day

CG said...

I am glad you had a nice day together Ruth. Thanks for the link to the crockpot recipes; I am a recent convert to this myself and it's a great way to cook :)