Wednesday, February 14, 2007


It has finally stopped raining here; it had been raining all night and all day until mid afternoon. I'm so glad we went to town yesterday! Mick and I both had restless nights last night. I just couldn't sleep and by about 2am I was so fed up of tossing and turning I got up and went to sit in the kitchen. I guess Mick must have sensed I was awake (I was being really quiet and only had a small under cupboard light on) because at 3am HE woke up. So I ended up making us both a cuppa was so typically US.....very often at weekends or if Mick wasn't working we would have early morning cuppas like this. It was a nice way to start Valentine's Day and although Mick went back to sleep for a couple of hours before he was ready for breakfast it was nice to just snuggle like in the "old days".
Nowadays I only usual sleep 4 or 5 hours max but the lack of any sleep left me really feeling tired today...I've not really felt up to doing much at all. My tiredness, the gloomy weather and the fact that I have a painful stye have probably done me a favour though as it meant that earlier this afternoon I snuggled down next to Mick and fell asleep!!!!! A VERY, VERY rare occurrence. I even turned down a visit from my friend Sue when she rang to see if she could come over. She understood when I explained so has accepted a "rain check".
You may have already seen on "M.M.L.M.G." that I got a card in the post from Mick.......I am pretty sure Lynn was behind that...bless was a really sweet thing to do.
All in all, it's been a nice together day...I've been wriggling my fingers into Mick's clenched hand and had lots of squeezes when talking about the garden and dinner...Stuffed Hearts tonight, a very appropriate meal for Valentine's Day and one of Mick's favourites.


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Sheila said...

I know you were up early as we are several hours behind you and I got your email at midnight...!
I hope you enjoyed your romantic nap. Nothing nicer is there..xx
As I reported in the wee small hours, it is still snowing and doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon. Guess what tomorrow's photo of the day will be..LOL

RUTH said...

My "cute " Sheila
Thanks for the email card; beautiful. looking forward to your photo tomorrow...keep warm
"intelligent" ruth...LOL