Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Thanks to all you great folks who have left comments on Clatterbridge Cancer Campaign; the fund has now been increased by another £25 plus a little tax bonus. Here's a brief resume of what you'll see if you click on the donation box in my sidebar.

Our online donors to date: Display Name Ruth & Mick Date 19/02/2007 Type Donation Amount £25.00 Tax Bonus £7.05 Comment with love from "There Are A Million Stories"

You can go and have a look without committing yourself to making a donation and maybe one day before August you may find a few spare pennies down behind the sofa

or decide to empty your penny jar and pop your name on the list of donors!

Mick has been on great form this morning and appeared quite pleased when I told him About the transport we were getting tomorrow so that we can visit the local Garden Centre. Fingers crossed for dry weather! Not that rain will stop us........Mick has some good waterproofs. Going to garden centres and nurseries is one bit of shopping that Mick has never complained about. Food shopping is a different matter entirely...................we had a good scheme though....Mick would drive me to Tesco's or some other large supermarket and then settle down in the front seat of the car, a James Patterson or Ian Rankin book in his hands, his car CD player blaring out Celine Dion or Lionel Richie.....and quite happily stay there for as long as the shopping took. It worked out fine for me too as I could be a typical woman and meander up and down every aisle with no pressure! I'd see other couples in the shop; hubby looking red and fed up and know that my sweetheart was quite content with his "shopping" trip.

I was saying about Mick being on great form........it was one of those mornings when he was very alert. I gave him a shave and I could see him trying to manoeuvre his tongue to raise his top lip to make it easier for me. When I told him I was going to roll him on one side or the other he would lift the appropriate shoulder ever so slightly......and when I put on his socks (promising to try not to tickle him) he very slightly lifted his foot. I like mornings like this as it proves to me that although he can't speak he is truly understanding what I say to him.

I put one of his new (Valentine's Day present) shirts on him as per usual he looks fantastic in it.

Brenda, our sister-in-law, has come down with a nasty cold so she and Ron won't be visiting after all today. That means Mick, Manda and myself with have the Apple Pancake all to ourselves at lunchtime!!!
Just had a look at the latest comment numbers....75 at the time of this posting.......Andrew (Rose's Dad) will be so pleased even though he is the one doing the paying for this 50!

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Women on the Verge said...

Mick looks very dapper in that gorgeous blue shirt. Hope you have a lovely time today...


Claire said...

he does indeed look very smart!
Do you use a dial a ride scheme for garden trip?
My dad hates food shopping! thats why i do it online!
Its great that he can show you these things Ruth! I think you can probably read his mind though.
Its great whats happening with the comments!
Apple pancake sounds yum!

RUTH said...

Blue has always been Mick's colour.
Claire; the vehicle we get is run by a charity organisation. The dial a ride scheme isn't really suitable for us. They go around picking up and dropping off people which means a lot of the little time we get out is spent travelling. The charity scheme picks us up at the door and drops us exactly where we want to go and picks us up again at a designated time. Also they are very flexible; they are on the end of a phone and can often come straight out if we need picking up earlier or delay if we want to stay longer. Understandably a booking is hard to come by and has to be done well in advance.

talj said...

Definitely suits the blue!! {{{hugs}}} from Leeds for Mick and you Ruth! I really hope everything goes to plan tomorrow for your trip to the garden centre! :o)

Now, when do we get to see that brightly coloured orange shirt? (I think it was orange!!)

And as for the comments, Ruth you have been wonderful! I can't believe the love and support 'virtual' friends can be when faced with just a simple request! Bless you for all you do {{{HUGS}}}

With love,

Natalya xx

RUTH said...

Our next sit in the garden the orange one it is!

Claire said...

I thought that would be the case, i wish these things could me more flexible but that would cost to much money i suppose, at least you get your trip out tomo!
Dont forget to take pictures!