Monday, February 12, 2007


I had really hoped to get Mick out in the fresh air today...the weather looked promising first thing but unfortunately by mid morning when Mick was breadfasted and dressed the clouds had started to roll in and it's hardly stopped raining since.

I consoled myself with the fact that at least it was doing the garden good. Hopefully the weather will be ok one day this week as Manda has said she will join us for a trip into town. I had tried to get some transport that will take Mick in his wheelchair but it is so difficult to book and the best I could do was next week....Manda will be back at work then (half term at the moment) but as we are intending to get into town this week I will use the transport to get Mick and I to one of the local garden centres.........we can save buying our Valentines gift until then!!!! How lovely to go to a garden centre and have a good excuse to SPEND!!!!!
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI hear the garden centre calling me already...........LOL

I have been continuing to try to sort the other bedroom out. We have so many occasional tables (that used to live in the living room) crammed up there that I have taken them all apart and put them into a large cardboard box............that's saved a lot of room on floor space which I desperately need for when the Cannas and Begonias need "starting off".
I explained to Mick what I was doing and was rewarded with a squeeze of my hand..........
a moment to cherish....

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talj said...

Aww Ruth a beautiful post and I know how much that squeeze must mean to you (((HUGS))) for you and Mick :o)

Ruby in Bury said...

I won't be with Mr Ruby on Valentine's Day this year as I'm here in York and he's in Bury St Edmunds. Feels really strange.

Buying things for the garden as a Valentines gift is a good idea - I've never thought of that. Might do it belatedly when I get back!

Sheila said...

Our garden centres aren't usually fully functional until the end of April. We have a short gorwing season here.
I'm sure you already know what you will buy, but that squeeze from Mick's hand is a darn good Valentine's gift I'd say.

Audrey said...

Ruth what a lovely post, bet your still smiling at the thought of that squeeze of Micks, and yes what a lovely valentines gift.. Hope you have a good day at the garden centre and find something special for you both.

I will be buying Alan some Benylin for Valentines this year me thinks..poor love is still poorly with the dreaded (man flue) or common cold and cough lol

Lots of love to you both