Thursday, February 01, 2007


Mick once again ate well last night; admittedly his meals are minute compared to what he used to eat but at least he's enjoying what he does have. It's taking anything up to two hour now to give him his evening meal......partly because, no matter how much I've pureed it, he chews and chews each mouthful for ages before he swallows it. I don't know if this is a case of his finding it difficult to swallow or whether he is scared of choking.
Last night Sue popped over with a bottle of wine and wondered if I fancied sharing it with her. I was just about to start getting Mick undressed etc ready for the night but "being the good neighbour that I am" I explained that if she didn't mind waiting in the kitchen for 15 minutes until I'd dealt with Mick then I'd be only to happy to share the bottle and thereby save her from drinking it all herself and having a hangover in the morning. Aren't I a kind, thoughtful and considerate person?....LOL
We had a good chat; reminiscing about "old" TV programmes like Tenko and Upstairs, Downstairs and I found out that she plays Cribbage. Mick and I have always been avid Cribbage and Whist's one of the many things I miss now...our regular Sunday lunchtime Crib session for who does the washing up or, if we were feeling frisky, who would ..............well use you're imagination!!!! It was funny because she told me that she and her hubby in their younger days used to play "STRIP OPERATION" you remember the game, little plastic body parts that had to be removed before the time ran out. We had quite a few giggling sessions at some of the stories we were telling each other. Sue is very good, as all the family are, at talking to Mick and involving him in the conversation as though he was actually answering.
This morning was a beautiful Springlike one; Mick slept in until nearly 9am so by the time he had been breakfasted and dressed the sun was quite high in the sky. It was really mild and as there were medicines to pick up from the chemists Mick and I went out. Being lottery winners (see MICHAEL WINNER on Me, My Life)

we went on a spending spree; we bought some Vanilla Complan and a new bottle brush for the sports bottles that I use for Mick's drinks; the old one is so worn now and only really any good for cleaning plant pots (always the recycler am I). That only came to HALF our lottery win....I wonder what we can get with the other £5. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any form of lozenge replacement for the antifungal ones Mick used to have so we have to make do with the liquid instead.

It was so lovely out that when we got home I sat Mick in the front garden ( the back not quite having the same amount of sun yet)....I hadn't really got any jobs to do out there so just "faffed" about picking up a few leaves and attempting to do something about the fence which has now rotted through and in danger of falling.

Just need a larger lottery win and that will be replaced by a nice low brick wall.

Well I'd better go and make Mick an evening cuppa; I'm really get the hang of this Thick and Easy mixing now!!!!

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talj said...

Sounds like a lovely day :o) Glad you are getting the hang of the thick mixing thing! :o) Also great to hear Mick is managing his meals better these days :o)

Audrey said...

Sounds like you had a lovely evening with Sue, kind of neighbour thats a treasure...Hope you enjoyed the wine and lol so thoughtful of you to help her out and spare her that hangover.......(chuckles) Cribbage, strip operation, lol Alan and I play connect 4 I dont mind losing all the time, honestly.

Enjoy the rest of your day
Oh and by the way how on earth you have managed without those mixing instructions thus far is beyond me, the wonders of the health service support systems eh!!!!!

Sheila said...

I'm hopeless with cards and board games..but I can drink wine..!

RUTH said...

Sheila; I'll pour you a glass next time you pop in.