Monday, February 26, 2007


Sylvia of Life in General and Other Things has tagged me for this meme. So here goes.

  • I started my first blog Me, My Life, My Garden primarily as a record of what what happening in the garden that means so much to Mick and I. I'm very new to computers and it helped me find my way around the keyboard too. Seventeen years ago what either of us knew about gardening could have been written on a postage stamp; now we are the gardening helpline for family and friends. With Mick being so ill I wanted to keep some sort of record of what was happening in the garden in the time that we had left together; something for me to look back on whenever I wanted. Keeping a written diary wouldn't have the same effect; on a blog I could make mistakes, spellcheck, update without crossing out things and add photos.
  • As time went on I wanted to write more about my life caring for Mick. I decided to separate this from my gardening blog because I found that I started having VISITORS and maybe some of them wouldn't particularly want to read about Mick having a bowel movement in the middle of cooing over photos of a Rhododendron in full flowers. So it was that There Are A Million Stories In The Naked City was born.
  • Love A Cosy Unit (an anagram of Can You Solve It) was really started just as a bit of fun. Mick & I have always loved doing cryptic crosswords and I had the idea of doing a crossword clue a day. This slowly evolved and now every once and a while I put a little quiz on there for anyone who fancies dropping by plus there are a few games like Pac Man & Black Jack that I found on Google. My biggest project (for want of a better word) was during the week leading up to Christmas 2006 when every day I put on a different quiz; some for adults and some for children.....I even had a link to Norad so the kids could track Santa on Christmas Eve.
  • My Photo A Day was started mainly because I have got hooked on taking photographs. Seems funny really considering I can take so few photos of the outside world! The problem was I knew that my "happy snaps" could in no way compare to the professional looking photos of most of the Photo A Day Bloggers. I decided that to compensate for this I would try and add a thought provoking quote to each of my photos and hopefully draw the eye away from the flaws in my photography.
  • Our Sky came about because I just love taking photos of the sky! The problem is I can never decide which one to put on my blog as good or bad each photo is special to me; each one is taken on a day that I'm sharing with Mick. Some of the photos on there may be blurred or badly composed but "so what"'s OUR SKY!
  • My Ruth's Shoots was started because I like to remember (and share) little hints and I tips that Mick & I have picked up during our gardening endeavours. I hoping that over the course of time that other gardenholics like ourselves will leave their own tips (perhaps relating to plants and conditions that we don't have here in England) in my comment box. These I'll post with a link to their own blog and gradually between us all we will build up a Hints & Tips Blog that will relate to gardens from Alaska to Zanzibar.
  • My seventh I'm only kidding.......................I've not started that....YET!

I'm not going to tag anyone for this meme; how could I choose between all you lovely people. If you do fancy writing a WHY DO I BLOG post; leave a message in the comment box and I'll add your name to this post.

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Gledwood said...

How strange you say this in explanation just as I was about to ask you about Ruth's Shoots etc. I just came in here from there!! I got lost in your enormous list of blogs in your profile!

Did you see that programme on bbc1 last night 9pm. I watched that and got very weepy thinking about different situations. You are v often in my thoughts and prayers you know that, both of you.

Lots of love


RUTH said...

Thanks Gleds. I've taped it; will get my tissues ready.

Audrey said...

That was so interesting to read Ruth, all your blogs are so creative, moving and very touching at times..also always very inspiring

Lots of love to you and Mick from a very grey, damp Aberdeen.x x

talj said...

A great read Ruth!! I too was 'tagged' so have posted my reply in my photo a day blog :o)

Love and {{{HUGS}}} to you and Mick :o)

Cergie said...

I'm coming from Icarus's blog
I don't speak english very well
I'm just commenting and I say "coucou", "bonjour", "comment allez vous"

CG said...

I enjoyed reading the story behind your various blogs, Ruth.

Suzi-k said...

this is cool, Ruth, and makes one think, what are my real motives, and what does blogging do for me, and what do i want to do for others through it? I'll give this a go sometime, but blogger just will not let me sign in, (3 days now, just hangs and won't connect, so I don't know when...

RUTH said...

suzi-k; try a moan on the Google group bloggers help group. Also try going in via Dashboard
if usually you go in via a direct link. It worked for me once!