Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Talj has now made a start on photographing the flowers in the front garden; goodness knows how many photographs she would take if it was the height of Summer when they are more than just a few flowers in bloom. It's exciting for me too seeing our plants and the insects in our garden in a whole new light. We decided, after lunch, to take a trip into town; Talj experienced the joys of Sudbury bus travelling with free tour guide (ME) as I pointed out places of disinterest interest. We made a few purchases; visiting Thing-me-bobs, Roys and Waitrose. We had a little "afternoon tea" in Waitrose; Cafe Latte and a Danish Pastry for me, Hot Chocolate and a Danish for Talj....they even gave us one of those "apres" mint chocolates! I said to Talj "this is like having tea at Harrods around here!!!"....LOL
I cheekily snapped this photo of Talj waiting at the bus stop for the bus home

and I'm pleased to say that we and the shopping (which included a Garden Gnome!) arrived home safely..................
well except for one solitary egg!.......................and as I cooked dinner Talj relaxed in the garden catching up on some tasty recipes in my Easy Cook magazines..................
there will be no excuse for her not to cook for herself when she is home now!!!!

We are both pretty tired tonight and will be "chilling" in front of the TV. Talj has done really well; there was a lot of walking today and she coped with "Ne'er a complaint".

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CG said...

Glad you had a nice day :) I would keep an eye on your garden lounger in case it goes back to Leeds with T, Ruth !!

Lynnie said...

Hey mummy

Glad you both had a good time in town today - looked a lovely day - hope you both enjoyed a night chilling in front of the TV as planned - wish I was there.
Love you loads

Sheila said...

The weather looks fantastic there.
Great that you two were able to get out and about.
Talj's photos from your garden were great.

Shaz said...

I'm not sure talj will want to go home at the end of the week!

A wildlife gardener said...

Aren't friends just wonderful? Life would be so empty without them. I was at the funeral of one of mine ystrdy, so I'm feeling sad about losing her, as hers was a door I could knock on anytime and always be welcomed in, someone I could trust, and a great friend for sharing with me. I'll miss her laughter too.

Icarus said...

From a photographic perspective (can't help it!), I'm fascinated to see talj shooting macros of everything. Is she uploading them onto your pc after for you to see? Or on the camera's screen? Can we see them too?
Also, I hope she sees your "roses" at T A A W - 9 macros in one!
Bon appetit to you both...nearly lunchtime! SXXXXXXXXXXX