Thursday, May 24, 2007


After I published my post this morning I went into the kitchen and had a really funny turn......I got the urge to CLEAN!!!! Not just general dusting and vacuuming.....nothing as simple as I went into a full scale "Flash in a bowl, boiling water, rubber gloves" kitchen tiles, walls, doors cleaning mode! I was really worried, what was happening to me.....golly does this mean I'm suddenly going to enjoy ironing......NOOOOOOO!
Help! Now I know I said the other day that "this wasn't me"...but honestly this is going too far! I have my Miss Haversham street cred to think about!!!!
Thankfully after an hour (coincidentally... when the sun came out) and without the aid of any medicinal tablets or lotions....the feeling wore off. PHEW...........................
After this the day continued quite normally. I phoned, yet again, to request some sort of paperwork re the 8 weeks Carer's Allowance that I'm due. Once again I've been promised it will be in the post.......

I also received my gas bill (the NEXT one should be lower) and realised that it was still in Mick's name. I thought I'd better phone them and ATTEMPT to get the name changed....from past experience I just knew it was going to be lot of hassle. Anyway, I phoned up Powergen; got straight through to a person; explained the situation; was asked my full name.....HEY PRESTO...DONE!!!! My gaster has never been so flabbered! If only everything was that easy.

After lunch the weather was still really warm but cloudy so I took myself off for a nice country walk...(a few photos on Me, My Life, My Garden)...isn't it strange how I could have happily stayed out all afternoon in the countryside yet a few hours out of the house and into the town fills me dread and panic...................

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Jenny said...

"Miss Haversham street cred" - now there's a funny image! (i'm thinking of an ancient lady in a decrepit white wedding dress, in a hip hop video... it could work!

Sheila said...

I was a bit worried then, I thought one of us was going to have to come over there and restrain you..!
Funny how restorative an hour or two in a leafy lane can be. I must go and see your photos. Great that you got the gas company sorted so easily. I had fun with the bank today, eventually got transferred to the right dept, and a recorded voice said I would have a SHORT wait of 15 to 30 minutes..!!
I don't think so, not until they get better music anyway..!

CG said...

I occasionally have these strange urges to clean too....I usually lie down until they go away. I'm glad at least one thing was easily sorted!! HUGS xx

CG said...

The song playing on your blog made me cry!!!

RUTH said...

jenny; that's me exactly!
sheila; thankfully the "turn" didn't last too long....if it happens again I'll call you over for help!
cg; I did lie down the garden. The song is one of many favourites; makes me cry too so we'll share the tissues.

Pat said...

Wish I could get that feeling of cleaning. Oh, my place sure needs it. Spring has come and gone so no spring cleaning here--maybe summer?

My PAD and
Guelph Daily Photo

Akelamalu said...

I used to love cleaning - how sad is that?

Glad you got the bill thingy sorted.

We got sun here again today - did you send it? Thanks!

Audrey said...

LOL Your post really made me smile this morning, I could perhaps do with one of the funny turns you described as my house could be doing with a little TLC at the moment, lol those drawers are still groaning under the weight of all that important mail that been stuffed in there, still waiting for that

Glad you enjoyed the country walk and good to see your links back to PAD etc, off to pay a visit

Icarus said...

Hey, i got the same contagion this morning, first thing. Made coffee & without further ado, found myself attacking the washing up (usual), then the whole kitchen, particularly the cooker and tiles.
That was enough. Still haven't found the time to rearrange the bedroom, which has been a priority since making the primary arrangements yesterday. Other priorities.
We're having torrential rain with giant hailstones since yesterday which have already decimated this region's vineyards. Climate gone mad. Me just behind.

Love & sweets,


Claire said...

Hey i had urge today too, i went hoover crazy, even used the small attachment to get into crevices!

Then i did some gardening, results will be up sometime tonight.

I wish they would bloody hurry up and post you that paperwork, shall we put a bet on what day it arrives?

Will check out photos on other blog.
Hugs to you :)