Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well yesterday continued on a positive note. The sun shone all day and it was so HOT! My kind of weather...... Manda and I had lunch in the garden and yesterday evening I dined "al fresco" with a nice plate of pasta.....(and the obligatory glass of red I'm glad I made the most of it as more rain is forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend. Tomorrow sees the end of the first half of the school's Spring Term so I hope the weather stays reasonable nice for the week. Manda & co and I are hoping to have a day out next week....maybe a trip to Bury St Edmunds....Nicole dropped by on her way home from school and when we were talking about it she said "Maybe we could have lunch in Pizza Hut" struck me that I've never been in a Pizza Hut!!! that's a new experience to look forward to.......
I need to cling on to "things to look forward to" as at the moment I'm finding it a hard to do.

On Saturday Lynn is coming to stay for the weekend......when I think back it's been a few weeks since I saw her last so I'm sure we will have plenty to catch up on....what a difference she'll see in the garden and her Dad's Rhody is now almost in full bloom.
I've still had no paperwork come through re; benefits income so I will have to make one phone call today. I'm grateful that my backdated carer's allowance has come through but I can't proceed with anything else until I have some "official" proof of my income.

Good news (fingers crossed) on the PC problems.......I needed the protective mat that was under the computer for something else. As the base of the PC gets quite hot I'd put it there to protect the wooden desk. Well since I've moved it the PC's not switched itself off! I don't know if it's just coincidence but perhaps the mat was bouncing the heat back and my PC WAS overheating (as many of you suggested).

Happy Happy

Right I'm off for a little blogaround and see what you've all been up to!

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Auntie Noo said...

So glad you had a better day. Isn't this weather amazing????

Audrey said...

Nothing quite like a bit of al fresco dining in beautiful surroundings Ruth, glad you made the most of the day.

Hope you enjoy your first experience of Pizza Hut,its a bit of an occassion when my family go there, as when they are all home and together,the call goes out for what is known as a PHC (Pizza Hut convention)think there is a bit of a competition to see who can drink the most free refills of coke..

Micks Rhody is looks quite stunning at the moment

Hopefully that one phone call today will be the last and the paperwork you need will arrive asap.

And fingers crossed for a good balance of rain and sun during the end of term and bank it rains at night and the sun shines gloriously during the day...Ive put my order in LOL
XX Auds

Akelamalu said...

I think you must have sent some of your good weather this way yesterday Ruth as the sun came out later on and we got in the garden. I've taken some piccies to put up (maybe tomorrow)now it's nice and tidy again.
That Rhody looks lovely, ours has finished flowering now.

I hope your computer continues to behave, it's amazing how sometimes it can be something so simple that's causing the problem.

It's dull today again - send the sun again please. :)

CG said...

Glad the PC is behaving itself! I love pizza hut...especially the ice cream factory xxx

Icarus said...

1)Pizza Hut is better in the UK than in Portugal.
2)Don't know why I'm telling you that, 'cos I don't go to either!
3)Today, I'm marvelling at simply having nothing *professional* to do (other than pass the hat around) & gasping incrdulous at just what was accomplished in the last 3 days - partic'y yesterday.
4)Recovering from yet another sudden torrential th'storm 90 mins ago. But, except for the fact that the dahlias on the balcony took a bashing, we are loving this weather. We'll be overheating like a bum-down laptop soon enough & for too long.
5)Wondering what to do next...
Interesting, the cure of the laptop. Didn't occur to me that it sits on your lap, so the heat has nowhere to escape.
I bet you are looking forward so much to Lynn coming! Will be so good for you, eh?

Stay nice & calm Sweetie,