Friday, May 25, 2007


HURRAH!!! I have finally got the documentation re; my carers allowance that was due. Why it took so long I will never know........the original excuse was that it was not in the system that Mick had died. Well if it was not in the system then why did they stop my money!!! As it is the allowance ends at the beginning of June. Still at least I've now been able to send proof of income for those 8 weeks to the Council Tax that income is only £46 per week, for those 2 months I should be excluded from paying Council Tax. Still no news of the Bereavement Allowance ...I hope that comes through before my Carers Allowance runs out.
Lynn is coming will be good to see her.....I shall be taking advantage of her and her car to go to the garden centre and get some compost. I have so many plants struggling in tiny pots waiting to go into baskets and troughs.

Manda popped in after school to celebrate the start of the Half Term years gone past it was always tradition that she would come round when a holiday started and have a drink or three with Mick and I. It wasn't the same today...we both missed him so much. We did look ahead to a few "outings" week we are going out for the day and during the Summer Holidays we plan to have a "sightseeing" day in London
and also a day at the beach!.......maybe Walton or Brightlingsea...oh how I love the seaside!
I've also heard from Leanne that there will be a new addition to the family in a few weeks.....isn't he the cutest kitten.....he is too young to leave his mum at the moment but in 3 weeks time he will go to live with Leanne & co. I must admit when Leanne sent these photos to my phone the thought crossed my mind how nice it would be to have a cat....but it would be a bit unfair of me to have a cat and then keep shooing it off the garden!
I did do a little more spring cleaning today.... I sat in the garden and sorted out my photo folders!......LOL
I may not do a post tomorrow....Manda and Nicole are coming round tomorrow night to see Lynn and I (Chris will be at training) so there's a "girly" evening in store...maybe even a wee dram...have a good weekend all!!!

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Claire said...

Ahhh that was quick! my bad for not refreshing before commenting :(
I am off with my neglected beavers tomo, so will be posting about that later too.
Then more gardening sunday, then homework.

Its great to have something to look forward, i hope you have another sightseeing day in London, coz i could come and meet up :)

Sheila said...

Good they sorted out your carer's allowance.Hopefully the other stuff will fall into place now.
Sounds like a girly evening is just what the Dr ordered, have fun and enjoy your wee dram or three.

Akelamalu said...

Glad you are getting things sorted, I will keep my fingers crossed for the rest!

I love the seaside too, was only talking last night about a run out to Morecambe we've not been there for years!

Cat's only poo on other people's gardens so if you get one yours will be ok! Not very neighbourly though! ;)

Icarus said...

Well how about that? The papers, plus weak excuse. Bureaucrats - can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!
How great it is that Lynn's coming. And it is a great idea to get out & about as often as possible, and as far as you can. It'll do you the world of good. And please you don't have to feel obliged to post tomorrow. I'll be checking, but I kind of hope you don't - at least not till the evening, as it will mean you are active, and engrossed in being together, which you really need.
You have one big sweet weekend, Ruth!

CG said...

That kitten is lovely! Ruth, our cats have never done any harm to our garden. The funny thing about cats is they often prefer to "toilet" in some one else's garden!! A cat would be great company for you :)

Have a lovely time tomorrow!!

Allotment Lady said...

Glad things are 'falling in to place' and so nice to read that you have plans afoot for days out.

I just love all your photos - really getting professional aren't you.

I read all your gardening posts each day too - but don't get chance to alway post a message

Hope you have a nice girly night - sounds good to me.

Audrey said...

Slowly but surely things are getting sorted yet its incredible that its taken this long to get the documentation you needed.

Have a good time with your family a girlie night sounds fun. A sightseeing day in London sounds wonderful the day at the beach even more you I love the sea..

And the new addition looks so cute!!

Enjoy your weekend xx

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Can't see pics. :(

Glad they got the money thing right finally. Geez, what is with that?
Tink! Cheers to you Ruth, have the best time.

Shaz said...

Awwww that's one pretty kitty, what's he going to be called?

Sounds like you have a fun filled week ahead, hope the weather holds x x When in London say hi to "Queenie" for me (winks)

Mauigirl said...

Just getting caught up on Million Stories...I just wanted to say how cute that kitten is, and then to say, what a great idea for you to get a cat! You could always have it be an indoor cat like ours. Ours is very happy to stay indoors; in fact, if you open the door when he's near it he runs away!