Wednesday, May 30, 2007


What a FANTASTIC day! We left home at 8.30am and didn't get home until 6.30pm. The weather compared to the last few days was kind to us.......all of the morning was dry...there was a little rain while we were in Pizza Hut and the rest of the afternoon was drizzling but not enough to dampen our spirits. I went a bit camera crazy...somehow I took over 100 photos!!! Don't panic I'm not posting them all here......... but if you have time to spare please drop by my Picasa web album and take a look. Just click on the album below.
Bury St Edmunds Day Trip
Apologies if I've not visited your blogs but I've had some paperwork to sort out since I've been home. Do you remember the Citizens Advice Bureau appointment I had for Friday 31st May.......well Friday isn't the 31st...tomorrow is!!! Being home too late to phone them to confirm whether it's Friday or the 31st that's correct, I've had to assume that the appointment is tomorrow and quickly get all the paperwork prepared that I thought I had all day tomorrow to do.
I'm now very tired, my feet ache....but I've had a fabulous day........................and if you're wondering about the little fellow at the beginning of this post........well I have always loved Buddahs and Manda & co bought me this one today as a good luck, keepsake, memory of today.

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Sheila said...

Lovely to hear you have had such a good day. I have the same little Buddha!
Good luck at the CAB tomorrow.
I will go look at your piccies..

Sheila said...

Great piccies, and beautiful countryside.

talj said...

What great photos, looks like you had a really great time and Nicole's hair looks fantastic! :o)

Hope all goes well today {{{HUGS}}} xx

lynnie said...

Hi mum

What a fantastic day - am so pleased that you all enjoyed it... Buddha is lovely - he will bring you lots of luck - thinking of you loads
Lots of love

CG said...

Good luck with the CAB!!

Akelamalu said...

So glad you had a good day. I love that Buddha.