Sunday, May 20, 2007


That was a sneaky way of posting my Peace Lily photos wasn't it...LOL

It has been a peaceful day though. Mick & I always (unless we had visitors) liked to keep Sunday car washing or housework on Sundays.....only "fun" things and lots of "R&R". In the Summer we would either be in the garden or perhaps take a day trip to somewhere like Southwold...he'd sit on the beach and watch me messing about in the sea..(I love the sea). If it was Winter or the weather wasn't nice enough to get outside then it would be Cryptic Crosswords, Cribbage, Trivial Pursuits and lots of reading...with a Sunday Dinner thrown in of course! Well they'll be no more trips out or Crib games...doing a Crossword isn't the same without him........but I have had a peaceful day out in the garden and did SO much reading! I even took my PC out there for a little while and had a little blogaround until the battery ran out (by some miracle it stayed on for a whole hour without shutting down).

The remarkable thing was there was no sound at all save for the bees and the pond fountain. No children playing outside (I find this sad).....not even a lawn mower chugging away.

Yes a lovely peaceful day...............................

Talking of my still keeps shutting down took me half an hour to get it to stay on so I could write this post and I find myself holding my breath hoping it won't go off again before I've finished. I've run virus checks, spyware checks, checked the cables etc etc........I even spoke to the manufacturers on Friday but they just say "it could be any of a hundred things".....
At least I've managed to get some of the stuff back on my sidebar...a lot of it was old stuff so I've left that off...and some of it I can't remember where I got it from in the beginning!
Well that's me done......BBC are starting their Chelsea Flower Show programmes tonight and I that's "must see" TV for me.
Hope you've all had peaceful days too...................

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Sheila said...

This is a nice peaceful post, and the lily intro was very clever!
A quiet day here too, sunny but cool and breezy. Hubby is at work so I'm doing a few chores so we can spend time together on Tuesday.
I wish I could get the Chelsea Flower show coverage, we might see bit on the news, but that is usually all we get.
Enjoy it..

Audrey said...

The Peace Lily pics are excellent Ruth and hopefully your pc will behave for you from here on in. Sounds like you had a relaxing day hope fully a little time to unwind with a nice cuppa or something even nicer. My day started quietly and peacefully enough, time to catch up before returning to work,then the family came to visit, Cormac is making attempts at taking his first steps, so feel a little like a bent old lady now..LOL when did that happen???
Enjoy the flower show Ruth xx Auds

captain lifecruiser said...

Ah, thats some lovely Peace Lilys! I love them, because they are so easy to grow and they are so pure somehow. It must be the white :-)

They are actually possible to grow underneith the water surface too. I once had them in my aquarium. The fishes left them alone. It worked out great.

Claire said...

Wow the inner part of the lily looks so unusual photographed like that, you are getting rather good at this :)

Sorry it was a bit quiet, you could of had the annoying bloke that started to mow lawn at the crack of dawn here!

The PC thing must be annoying. maybe it needs a new battery?

Petunia's Gardener said...

You've brought us a whole new way to look at the lilies! We've had rain so been puttering about inside. Do share any highlights from the flower show. In my experience, the laptop batteries do develop a short charge time long before the computer needs replaced. Does it shut off even when plugged vs. just on battery? Good luck with it!

Icarus said...

It does all look peaceful. The inner details of your Sunday emerge. It is actually audible, how you describe the day. I understand better now.
But I am getting worried (moi?) about your computer's behaviour. It's reminding me of the goings-on with an old laptop that Ana's friend has given her & how it has developed that sleeping sickness.
The noise outside from one "public-service" van driver, blocked by an illegally parked car, is pushing me to distraction. 20 minutes!! Send me your garden's peace, please NOW!!

Sylvia said...

Great photos. Good luck with the PC.

Akelamalu said...

Very clever photography, I really had no idea what it was at first!

I'm glad you had a peaceful day and I hope you get your PC sorted soon.

Gene Bach said...

Nice flower picture Ruth.

You might check to see what all you have in your start-up menue when your computer turns on. When my computer was acting up awhile back I took it in and there was may too much in there. Once a bunch of stuff was removed everything worked great. You have to go to the "msconfig" and you can uncheck the boxes of stuff you don't want to start and run in the background automatically.