Thursday, May 10, 2007

P(ounding) C(ranium) Woe

Do you know that bit in in the opening credits of CSI when a cleaver comes down and slices a head in two?....well that's what my head's been like today. No, it's not because I've been beating my head against a brick wall after speaking to AGENCIES; I don't waste my emotions on them! It probably hasn't helped much that I was up until gone 2am this morning trying to figure out why my PC kept closing down.....not going into hibernation or anything...just suddenly switching off. It means that anything I'm doing has to be continually saved just in case it switches off and I lose the lot. I think it's some sort of "Fail Safe" programme.....a power surge or someone nasty in cyberworld trying to do things that my PC doesn't like. In a way I guess I should be grateful...better safe than sorry...but it is a pain. Anyway because of this I'm keeping my posts short until I've sorted the problem out. There's not really much to report anyway.....except for my headache of course! I've been tagged a couple of times over on Me, My Life, My Garden....I like to get these done before I forget so my "PC time" will be spent on them (as long as my computer stays awake). The weather is pretty dismal; there are a few dry, bright spells but by the time you've noticed them and started to get on with something outside it changes again.........
Well so far so switch off yet so I'll risk a photo or four......

when Talj was here she took some great photos of plants in our plant.....
photo by Talj

I had really wished was in flower as I know she would have taken some brilliant shots; well it's in flower now and so she can see what I meant here are a couple of shots I took.....(not brilliant but better than they would have been without her tuition)
Till long as that Cyberdemon doesn't get me......................

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Sheila said...

How frustrating.
I hope you manage to sort it out.
Talj is a good teacher, your photos are great.
I wonder if she makes house calls to Canada.!

CG said...

Your photos are lovely!! We had that PC problem once...I can't remember what the solution was though. Loose power cable

Icarus said...

Very impressed indeed with your new skills Ruth, seriously. They are highly original macros. WELL DONE!
I just read Lynn & Steve on yesterday's. So right. I felt relieved to see that that is how they are, because nothing beats family in times like these.
I really hope that your pc remembers whatit exists for in the next few days. I'll mail you with the reason for my hope in a minute or two.
More important, keep on keeping on, your way. And if you feel the need to lean, to reach out, then just do it.
I'm sure nobody's kidding themselves. It is not an easy road.

Claire said...

WOW WOW WOW! :) The photos are fantastic and would make a great blog header.

PC problems make me ill!

Allotment Lady said...

that allium is out early mine are still thinking about it - stunning photos

My computer does that sometimes, and it also had a couple of weeks of logging off broadband continually like some flicking a light switch, on , off, on off, so very frustrating.

I do so hope your headache gets better - they are so dibiliating aren't they.

Sometimes you just can't fight it and have to lay down in a darkened place and let it wash over you and then out of the body.

sending hugs and healing thoughts.

A wildlife gardener said...

Beautiful photos of that allium, Ruth.

You are having so many frustrating things happening lately that I thought I'd let you read this funny verse...

A Prayer For The Stressed.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot accept,
The courage to change the things I cannot accept,
And the wisdom to hide the bodies of those I had to kill today because they got on my nerves.
And also, help me to be careful of the toes I tread on today as they may be connected to the feet I may have to kiss tomorrow.
Help me always to give 100% at work...
12% Monday
23% Tuesday
40% Wednesday
20% Thursday, and
5% Friday.
And help me to remember...
When I'm having a bad day and it seems that people are trying to wind me up, it takes 42 muscles to frown,
28 to smile and only four to extend my arm and smack someone in the mouth!

talj said...

What a lovely set of photos Ruth, you have really grasped the new functions on your camera and looks like you are having so much fun with it! :o) {{HUGS}}

Shaz said...

I have a phantom "Hacker" to law blame on when things don't go as I wish!

You've had a good teacher in talj, those pics are amazing x x

Jenny said...

I love those photos - truly lovely and interesting! Macro photography is such fun! I have some interesting ones that I need to find a spot to post as they don't really go on any of my blogs!