Sunday, May 06, 2007


The last month I've been running on sheer adrenalin; there have been so many things to do that couldn't wait and now the "can waits" are hovering between "ought to do" and "must do". I have a plan though! I can't get the house back to normal in one day so I'm going to take my time. Some things will never be the way they were....just the fact that during the course of the past 2 years I bought Mick's armchair and a computer means that two bookshelves now don't have a place in the living room. This means in turn that two bookshelves worth of books and ornaments haven't got a home. Some things may have to go....I'm not doing a "Life Laundry" there are too many memories that I need to cling on to but a lot of "stuff" is really just can time.....

Until I've found a job (not looking yet) I want to try and split my day up a bit......
  • a few hours cleaning (yes even the cooker will get done at some point)

  • a few hours regaining the house

  • a few hours gardening (more if I can!)

  • a few hours on the computer (not just blogging....I've hundreds of photos to be named and filed)

  • a few hours bills and paperwork (yuk!)....including doing anything I can to help the Clatterbridge Campaign (not yuk!)

  • etc. etc.

At least a bit of everything will get done each day and along with the emotional and/or hard work I'll fit in a bit of pleasure time.

I made a start this morning. Do you remember I had demolished the two large wardrobes to make way for visitors beds resulting in my clothes (and Mick's) being in boxes for over a year; then the Friday before Talj came I bought some flat pack items which I put together.........well with Talj visiting I'd not actually got around to putting my clothes in them.......that's what I did this morning.

This afternoon I spent in the garden.....some actual gardening, some sitting, some photographing; I even had an afternoon doze!!! That'll come to a shock to the kids when they read this.......MUM having an afternoon doze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the moment (as you can I'm on the computer...just for a while...then I'll make myself some dinner, watch some TV (so many things I've taped but not watched) and see how it goes from there.

Just for a while the big outside world can turn without my help......while I get my little world back on its axis.

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Icarus said...

Good evening R, well accoring to my rough calculation, and allowing for extras like cooking/eating, reflection, etc., that looks like a possible 18-hour day, not including 'other sundry distractions'. Sure, that's not the point. The real point is that you are now taking a rational approach to getting a handle - YOUR handle - on things, to come to terms with what has happened. you need this, I think. If what you are saying is "This is what I need to do, to be with myself so I can adjust a bit", then it is very wise. Reality is where you are, in you & around you. Despite all of the comfort & support that the web brings, only you can make this adjustment, there. It should be understood & supported just like that. Ruth, you are in the driving seat, I feel it.
I love the title, it is so appropriate.
Blessings for you, with love.

RUTH said...

Hi Sx
As someone who classes getting up at 6.30am having a lie-in I think I'll cope.....LOL Glad you like the title...reminds me of the title of a blog I know well...

Sheila said...

You seem to have things under control and you are taking a sensible approach. I'm glad you have budgeted time for you, because that is really important. When you do that, everything else falls into place.

lynnie said...

Hi mummy, stevie and I have just got home to have our update on your blog. We were both so pleased to hear that you have had a sleep this afternoon. We are so pleased that you have been able to have some you time amongst everything else that you are having to do - we are soooo very proud and love you heaps.
We will talk to you tomorrow - but in the meantime we are sending you huge hugs and lots of love
Lynnie and Stevie

Blue the Spa Girl said...

How nice that you are formulating a plan to get things done on your terms.
Yes, funny thing about the world, it does keep turning. "Let go and let God" someone told me once.

CG said...

Sounds like a very well thought out plan, Ruth. I guess you need to find a new normality in everyday life.
Lots of love
Julie xxx

Shaz said...

Take things one step at a time. The Hare never won that race!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Ruth. You will get there in your own time. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Claire said...

I am very glad you are taking your time!

Dont forget i am here when you want to start doing your other blog thing:)

Allotment Lady said...

Sounds like a good plan to me - and there is not hurry as you say.

I am hopeless at planning things - too impulsive for my own good!

You have the right balance dear Ruth