Monday, May 14, 2007


It's the early hours of Monday morning...not much going on yet......if you're looking for something to pass some time I've a few suggestions;
  • You may like to visit my Photo A Day blog post for today; it is a three way collaboration (though my part was merely just being there!).
  • Or you may prefer to take a look at the Online Auction; those Makeover days and Paintballing days would be just the thing for a Stag Do or Hen Do!
  • Then again you may like to vist Team Smarties Headquarters; you can read all about the Britball Run; Rose's Tribute Fund; the Clatterbridge Cancer Campaign AND buy some prints of some fabulous photos!

Better still; why not do all three!

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Libbys Blog said...

Morning Ruth! I've been playing catch up on your blog!
Remember you don't have to sort through Mick's stuff until your ready!
Well done to everyone who ran/walked the Race for Life!

Fran said...

Hi, just to say well done in taking a chance on BR ! I lost the other blog address, and someone close by gave me this one and it works! Good to see and hear how you all are. So, next years are you and me doing the Race (waddle) For life then ????? Only bring enough lip gloss for one though, I think you know it would be wasted on me pal. Well done, and hope you chained up the lounger so it does not go walkies in a friends car, .... next time they bring a estate, .. or a roof ( Or should that be "ruth" ) rack. L.F.

Shaz said...

The three way post is excellent. As I said on talj's blog it just goes to show what you can achieve with the support of your friends x